First1978Chapter Is this that……Ping

Time,Light clouds。
It’s three days.。
And in the summer, it is in a strange state.。
In the past。
His coming back every time,Just like the courage to remove the shoulder,Easy people are relaxing。
But this time is different。
He knows his life.。
I know about my parents and the past。
Know the presence of Xiajia。
I know that I am involvement a generation of grievances and conspiracy calculations.。
Under this state,He didn’t do something for ten days,Instead, there is no easy feeling in the past.。
The more there is no matter what happened,The clouds of his heart are getting more and more.。
That feeling is like……What do you don’t know?,It seems to be brewing greater conspiracy。
Especially the appearance of Jun,Let this feel more realistic。
And he can only be bundled.。
This passive feeling makes him very uncomfortable。
Can not be done。
In fact。
He knows that this emotion is wrong.。
Purely belonging to a state of mediocrity。
Just because I know a lot of information.,Only this……Similar to the illusion of being persecuted。
On the fourth morning,He said with Liu Qingqing.,Finally boarded the plane to Hong Kong City。
Since the night,I didn’t take the initiative to contact him next night.。
I have been busy with the sound of the sound of the sound.。
However, in summer, it is the initiative to pay attention.。
No accident。 Zhang Yuxi won the championship of this draft,And triggered a wave of hot report,But it was pushed to entertainment headlines。
The second night took Zhang Yuxi to return to Hong Kong City.。
It is specially called to call in the summer.,Very serious reasser,Will you participate in the birthday dinner of the second night。