“hehe,Ha ha,You are really ignorant.。”

Brief,Qin Jiang’s anger,Shake your head,Like watching the antity,“do you know,If you change my previous temper,You are already a dead.。”
Summer is very recognized and nodded.,“Yes?You said this,Actually the same as I think。”
Qinjiang immediately frowned,Eyelid。
at the same time,The black man behind him has been moving two steps forward.。
As a bodyguard that follows Qinjiang for many years,Qinjiang an action,He knows what to do。
When you are going to shoot。
But this time,Qinjiang is a play,Signature him stop。
immediately,A pair of eyes is like a poisonous snake,Cold staring in summer。
“In the upper circle of Jinling,They call me a snake behind it.。”Qin Jiang Senxi smiled,“I am the eldest son of Qin family.,Is the future of Qin family,so……I want to do something.,Never failed。”
Toned,Qinjiang took a step forward,http://www.vodafone-csc.cnHis face is slowly close to summer。
“I have seen a lot of dying bugs.,Chen Dong is going to count one,Later, he died in a car accident.……Just now I have given the opportunity to let you roll,Unfortunately, you have not cherished。”
“Qinjiang!What do you want to do!”
Qinling is anger and angry,It’s completely running,“you,It is best not to mess up.,otherwise……I must not let you go.!”
“Ha ha。”
Qinjiang is not in the meaning,Whisketing,“As long as you return to me back to Jinling,Maybe I am pleased to let this boy.。”
Toned,He sighed,Some disappointed,“Originally, I still want to play with this kid.,How about this,Interrupt him a leg.。Um,Besides,I waste this face.,I am disgusting。”
“Old Qin,I can’t help but。”
Summary suddenly opens。
“you……”Qinling is shocked,Immediately understand what he meant。
http://www.xiaokuifushi.cn “I want to beat people。”
Looking at her in summer。
There is a complexity between the Qinling’s look.,Then it is silent。