“Summer,Are you hit Zheng Shengxian yesterday??”

Last night, things were just a little thing for him.,I haven’t worried at all.。
But these people’s nose is really spiritual enough,It’s so fast that spread it.?
I seem to know what I want in summer heart.,Han Meiji light,“Summer don’t misunderstand,In this Qinghai is your site,I have no ability,I don’t dare to monitor you.,This is also Jin Yourong told me.,Later, I specially paid attention to it.,Inside our circle,Zheng Shengxian’s father Zheng Zhe,【Zero zero reading00ks】Yes, it is famous,Extremely loved to his son,After all, it is a single child.……Result I found a thing。”
No waiting for summer,Tone slightly acceleration,“Domestic news,The singer of the sea,Has been passed on, Huaxia,Right,The passage of the Haidong Kendo is called Zheng Bin,And Zheng Zhe seems to be home,This is aware of people in our Gauli circle.。”
“What you mean……This is to retaliate me.?”
“I don’t know if I specifically.。”
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First1809Chapter Challenge
Suzhou City。
Not only one of the five big cities in Huaxia,It is also the first provincial capital in Huaxia.。
It is said that in ancient times,Today’s Jinling City,Zhenjiang,Changzhou,Suzhou,Hangzhou,Qinghai and other prosperous large urban,It belongs to Su Hang jurisdiction.。
Just re-dividing。
So as soon as,I can’t cover the prosperity of Suhang City。
Night,Suhang International Airport is still clear。
It can be clearly seen that the airport staff is still very busy.。
A airport runway,Several luxury cars have already been waiting for a long time。
When a plane is slowly landed,Several temperament gods rushed down。
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Cabin open。
Several young people wearing a suit。
Then standing on both sides,Very fast,Action。
Tight,A middle-aged person wearing hanies is not awkward.。
His appearance is very ordinary,But the twilight of the pair of emotionally fluctuations,Brightly thorn in the night,People don’t dare to look at。
See him,The extraordinary Korean businessman is immediately facing the color,Accelerate the foot。
“Master Zheng。”
Reached a near,I have already asked。
Constitudes respectfully。
These merchants are the head of the Seven Star Group in the major cities in Suzhou,。
I received a call from Zheng Zhe to pick up the plane.。
And their relationship between Zheng Zhe and Zheng Bin is clear
Use Han Mei’s words,Gaoli people in the circle circle,Almost all know this。
All,Zheng Zhe has proclaimed this matter more than once in public,To enhance your reputation and status。
Zheng Bin, a famous martial art master, a famous martial arts,There is no denying。
Friendly greetings for these businessmen,Zheng Bin just nodded very casually.,Not a matter。