Just talk about the brand of the car,Not to mention the detailed style,That means it can’t be any high-end style,Which is hundreds of thousands of things。

His income in the past few months is over one million。
I wanted to show my income,Slap this hairy boy in the face,But I changed my mind——Too sullen,What do you care about with a stunned boy??
In this poor place,Don’t show up too much,So as not to cause unnecessary trouble for parents。
And he also knows that this guy is not a bad person,There is nothing bad about myself,Just want to show off。
He himself is that kind of person,No need to fight this。
Said with a smile:“what,awesome。”
Ou Shouxian is more introverted,Keep a smile on my face,Can’t even insert,But it feels like a very qualified person。
People I haven’t seen in a few years,It is inevitable to recount the old。
Chatted a few words,Qi Tian asked Fang Hao very seriously:“Brother Hao,Does your company hire security??”
Fang Hao was taken aback:“how,You want to go?”
Qi Tian nodded:“Yes,I don’t want to do my current job,Ten hours a day,Have to stand and work,Only four or five thousand a month,There is no girl in the factory,Just a monk temple,What’s the point of doing it?Why not be a security guard?——Didn’t you find a beautiful daughter-in-law??”
Fang Hao looked at him for a while,I didn’t seem to be sarcastic,Just said:“But I am not a security guard anymore。”
Qi Tian’s face suddenly became very disappointed。
Fang Hao asked in surprise:“What’s so good about security?You have to think about doing this kind of work?”
“Easy,”Qi Tian said,Can’t help but glance at Ye Wenwen,“Still have time to talk about the object,Better than nothing?Money not money,But not that important。”
Fang Hao shook his head,Thought:“My girl wasn’t the security guard,It’s because I became handsome.。”
Qi Tian is not ugly,But it has nothing to do with being handsome。