Qin Liang said yin and yang weird,Then he smiled badly!

“Alright plum,You’re out of breath too?Can speak now,what’s the situation?Here are my own people,Everyone is absolutely trustworthy,You can speak quietly。”
Yang Shiyun knows what Qin Liang’s smirk means,He is just threatening himself,When only he and himself are alone,He will double“bully”Just myself,So she didn’t answer Qin Liang again,Instead, he turned his face and said to Meizi seriously。
“Give me a place to sit,master……”
Meizi said with a smile。
So Liu Xiaoyun asked Li Qiao’er to get a chair again,Between myself and Yang Shiyun,Then let Meizi sit on the chair。
“Speak,what’s the situation?You are so anxious to find me,It must be a breakthrough in the case。”
Yang Shiyun continued。“Yep,Yes……An hour ago,I got a call,The caller is a man,He said he could provide us with very important clues,But he said he can only talk to the person in charge of this case,Or tell our chief,I showed him my identity,But he made another condition……”
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One thousand six hundred and seventy chapters Sister Mei can’t go by herself
? Meizi said this in one breath,Paused for a moment。
“What condition?”