He is extremely confident on his own car skills,Those regular car drivers,There is no difference in his eyes and rookies.。

True test technology,Or this or a ruled racing car。
Think here,He calm down,“Miss Fang,Since he is your driver,That first, I am in a game.,If I won,I am not difficult for this kid.,As long as Miss Fang promised to do my http://www.shikejin.cn girlfriend……Everyone has no opinion.。”
Later sentence,It is said that it is said around people.。
“no problem。We don’t have an urgent need。”
“Ha ha,Xu Shaohe Zhang Shao is also brought to brothers。”
“nonsense,Xu Shao is a brother Zhang Shao。”
Many people have attached。
Chen Bing’s face is difficult to look……Naturally loading。
These half years,She didn’t act less。
And Zhang Yunfeng often corrects her,If Chen Bing has always manifested,Playing is missing from time to time,Vacuum。
“how?Is Miss Fang dare not dare??”
Seeing Chen Bing hesitation,俆 俆 开始 激 激 法。
“Humph,Who says I don’t dare?。”
Chen Bing will count,I am like it is really angered.,Rebuke,“it is good,Just do what you said!”
Say,She is like a brain girl,No bargaining at all,I ran into the summer reap into the sports car。
http://www.chuauto.cn “Cough,I say……You are too much.?”Sitting in driving position,Summer mouth slight,Feel some toothache。
Chen Bing lights,“Those are not important,Important,I will take you at the seater after the end.。”
“My car is not good,If lost??”
Chen Bingtou came to a strange look,“Is it not true for loss?,You will disappear from me。All right,I went down.。”
Say,Open the car,She looked at night sky,Glitting a touch in the scorpion。
Summer shink,Still some guess the true purpose of Chen Bing。
Now,Start sports car,On the road to the foot of the foot。
the other side,Yan Lang also got a black Bugatiweiron,Go quickly。
Soon to schedule,In fact, it is not far from the square.,Two cars stand side by side,All ready to go。
With the roar of the engine,The people around them immediately madly,When the scene is suddenly awkward。
俆 俆 非常 非常 万 瞩 感 感 感,He got a cigar,Open the window,Laugh,“Boy,Trembling,Ready to repent in hell。”
Summer is obliquely,Spit out two words,“White!Idiot!”
“Tsima。”When you are suddenly corrupt,“Lick,When you are in front of Laozi,At that time, I will let you eat it.!”