1037 Perfect fit
Liu Dunyue wielded a dagger and walked towards the horse and then sneaked over,The horse said that the same horizontal dagger will block,“Zheng!”
The sound of,Ma Zuoyue’s true Qi cultivation base is far worse than Liu Dunyue is forced to take a step back,Scolded:“Liu Dunyue,Are you crazy!”
“To shut up!”
Liu Dunyue scolded:“He is not Chen Dayuan,But……” “You just shut up,To calculate his brother with an outsider!”
Chen Xiu worried that Liu Dunyue said he would break Qingyun’s body,Ma Zou said and Zhang Zhiliang also turned to each other,I have nowhere to survive,Abandoned Master Qingyun,Left hand raised slightly,A fire with hurricane attributes burst out,Head straight towards Liu Dunyue。
The strength of his punch is carried“wind”、“fire”Two rules,With subtle cooperation,These two real qi are like http://www.famous1.cn two dragons,Charged towards Liu Dunyue with two completely different breaths。
Erdao Zhenqi came one meter in front of Liu Dunyue,Actually exploded,The big fireball is scattered more than ten small fireballs,Like from nothingnessiappear,It hit Liu Dunyue like a wildfire。
“it is good!”
Master Qingyun repelled Zhang Zhiliang with a sword,Seeing Chen Xiu actually control the dual attributes so skillfully,My eyes lit up,Can’t help but yell ok。
Liu Dunyue used her life skills,Swinging the dagger endlessly,Like moving clouds and flowing water,In a flash,The whole body is covered in a light curtain。
Ma Zou said he is a master of daggers,Seeing his dagger skills, I can’t help but admire:“I just thought Liu Dunyue’s cultivation base suppressed me,Unexpectedly, his dagger combat skills are also so powerful,I’m not as good as him!”http://www.iyinrui.cn
“Do you think this can stop me!”
Chen Xiu waved his right hand,Tornadoes,Now he caught,The true energy in the body spirals out,A little tornado,Forming on your hand。
“Puff puff puff puff——” A tornado,There are more than a dozen fireballs rotating along with the tornado,Inside the fire tornado is an incredible swallowing power,Head towards Liu Dunyue。
Liu Dunyue knew how she couldn’t handle Chen Xiu’s trick,Cry for help:“Qingyun Patriarch,help me!”