When she focuses http://www.maidikuai.cn on spiritual counter-balance, it is late.。

“A kind of quirky。”
Summer is not hidden,I have said that the things have been said.,And the god of Xianti is more and more shocking。
Really a magic?”
Summer face is dotted,I shaken my head again.,“Maybe the Mozu really exists,But this matter is much more embarrassing,Some of these joints I don’t think。”
Toned,Also,“But,I don’t want to participate in it.,I wake up the moon,Take a break today,We will……”嗡嗡。
Speech,His mobile phone is rumming。
Call is a strange number。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Sink,Choose to turn on。
“Killing God……”Take a touch,There is a woman who has made some familiar women in the summer.。
Follow,The opposite woman added another sentence.,“I am Laura……Laura killed by you in the mall……”Um?
Summer does not help http://www.shujiuhong.cn but,Darkly black scorpion。
At the time of the mall,He naturally kills Laura。
But faint her,The purpose is to lead Williams。
After Williams appeared,Help him flatten the bar explosion and mall terrorist incident。
At the same time, I also learned the existence of the Moz.。
Laura,It is said that the Mozu has been added.,Become a servant and 傀儡。
Most importantly,Summer starts from entering Moysich,Connect an obedience……Williams told him,Your own walking is also Laura leaks out。
One time,Various thoughts,Collision with each other。
“What do you call me?。”
He asked faintly,“Continue to provoke me?。”
“You are in everything in Mosso,Not I disclaimed。”
Laura’s voice,Toned,She is deeply exhaled,Also,“Is our minister,Williams……Not,Exactly,He is not our original Minister Williams.,He is a fake……”Um?
Summer slightly,The eyebrows are not condensed,Different in the eyes。
“What do you want to say??”
“I have already fled it out with the headquarters.,Now Williams is very likely to get news,He will definitely chase me.。”
Laura accelerates speed,“I can’t give you a detailed explanation,Can only say,A long time ago,We are under secret investigation of Williams.,But after all, the hand controls the eagle and cactus.,Our investigation has been careful,He wants to drag our Moi brother into the ground,I don’t know why he wants to deal with you.,But we can only count,To attract your attention with this……”Summer interrupted her,“You……”“Me,Gilmo,Anji。”
Laura is not hidden,Rotate and add one sentence,“In fact, I am Gilmo deliberately running.……Lord,I hope you can help us……”
First1912Chapter Not completed
In the room。
Ignite a smoke in summer,Tamper,A smoke,Shake your face。
Laura’s phone,Let his eyes become deep。
Huge information。
Of course, there is no complete tribute to Laura.。
But the information revealed,But let the summer suddenly open in many things that I don’t want to do.。