“Chairman ordered,No one can enter。”The two door gods still keep Su Jingchen out。

Su Jingchen patiently said:“I came from afar to visit,Just let me go in and have a look。”
The two bodyguards still wouldn’t let Su Jingchen in,Su Jingchen is a little annoyed now,Arguing with two bodyguards at the door。
In fact, making noise in the hospital will affect patients’ rest,Su Jingchen knows this,But he has no good way to convince the two bodyguards。
The quarrel disturbed the people in the ward,A middle-aged man in his fifties came out。
“What happened?”
This middle-aged man is well-dressed,Hair is combed and shiny,Su Jingchen guessed that he could accompany Jiang Qianmei inside,Either her father or her relatives and elders。
“uncle,I am from Jiangzhou,Come and see Jiang Qianmei’s。”
Not waiting for two bodyguards to speak,Su Jingchen speaks first。
I heard that the middle-aged man is from Jiangzhou,He was shocked,Looked up and down Su Jingchen,Saw him well dressed,Dignified,And good temperament and courtesy,Just said:“come in。”
Su Jingchen entered the ward,Saw a young girl lying on the bed,Dangling。
She was not asleep,Staring at Su Jingchen who came in with big eyes and doubtful eyes。
Su Jingchen walked over and nodded to her:“Hello there。”
It is Jiang Qianmei who is lying on the bed,She softly replied to Su Jingchen:“Thank you!”
Apart from Jiang Qianmei and the middle-aged man in the ward,There is also a middle-aged woman,She saw Su Jingchen come in,Smiled politely。
“My daughter is going to rest now,We generally do not accept guests,I heard you are from Jiangzhou?Just say anything。”