With rising status,Ymir seldom uses the title of young master to show his specialness to Carlos,But at the moment,Ymir once again expressed his status as a retainer。

“Go down,The battle started in the afternoon,Hurry up and rest。”
After Ymir left,Carlos stared blankly at the morning glow like blood,After a while,Just said something:“Come out。”
“If this king can’t even trust his own guards,Deserve to die without a whole body,Come out。”
Hear this sentence,Luo Yan finally walked out of the shadows。
Carlos’s guards were taken aback,When did someone hide there。
“How is the result。”
“His Majesty,Intercept all the way,Killed a total of 16 people,But from the known information,At least forty in total,Plus the lurkers who have been lurking in your army……”
Brother Bald’s words can’t be said halfway through,And Carlos didn’t get the slightest anger at Brother Bald。
Thousand Miles to Bao,This love is heavy enough,Carlos will accept this love。
But for the Alterac Kingdom,Fight on the front line for everyone,Someone wants to hurt myself,This makes Carlos unspeakable pain,I even feel a sense of depression。
Carlos’ opponents found Ravenholdt Manor,Want to spend money to buy Carlos’ life。However, the Grand Duke Ravenholdt gave the Barov family a guarantee during the Hinterland Troll War.,Not taking Carlos’s order。Grand Duke does not pick up,The little thieves below are always dazzled by money。When the manager Farad told the situation to Brother Bald,The assassins have set off。Bounty of two hundred thousand gold coins,Brother Bal was almost tempted when he first heard。But I am in the prime of life,Finally got into the aristocracy,And a real noble,Carlos’s Special Agent。After Baron Luoyan weighed the pros and cons,Quickly straightened his ass,All the best,Chased all the way,Finally rushed to Carlos before the assassin action。
Carlos was not intimidated by a few assassins,But it hurts my heart。
Two hundred thousand gold coins,Everyone was crying poor when I was worrying about military expenses,Now you are willing to spend two hundred thousand gold coins to make me die!
Alterac ah Alterac,Even if it’s for the Barov family,Don’t you enjoy my grace?
Alliance alliance,Is my feat of conquering the orcs fake?,Why is there always someone having trouble with me!