Intuitive,Wenwen knew she had fallen into the trap of his conversation,She doesn’t know why this person asked this question。but,It’s true that their young couple didn’t name their children beforehand,They gave this power to Dad Wang Jiadong,Wang Jiadong says,He has to wait for the baby to be born before naming the baby。Is it,Didn’t give the child a name also became a clue to their investigation??Wenwen knows,These two people in front of me,Must be battle-tested,Good at finding clues from various complicated things,So as to follow the vine,And solve the case in one fell swoop。Thinking of this she said:“I really can’t answer you this question。”

That man said:“as far as I know,Any young couple before the child is born,Will think of a name,I think,You are no exception。”
Wenwen is a little angry,She said:“Sorry,That is what you want,We really don’t。”
That person smiled,Obviously he doesn’t want to waste time,I took Wenwen’s pregnancy diary from my bag,Said:“in fact,Your husband has already named the child。look。”He turned this pregnancy diary to the last page,Handed it to Wenwen。
Wenwen is suspicious,Take it over,one look,really,Wang Yuan wrote on it:Wenwen,I pondered for a long time,If it’s a boy,Wang Ziqi,If it’s a girl, Wang Zixin,I repeat,The boy is called Wang Ziqi,The girl is called Wang Zixin。
The man stared at the expression on Wenwen’s face and asked:“Haven’t you seen this passage?”
Wenwen shook her head,Said:“He never told me about naming children。”
Yes,She was full of doubts,First of all,She doesn’t know when Wang Yuan wrote it,No date above。also,They have already discussed it,The child’s name is from the father,Why doesn’t he say anything?
“Are you surprised?”The man still stared at Wenwen and asked。
Wenwen hates his tone,Said angrily:“Yes,If I know what the child is called in advance,I would have called my child like that!”
The man and the other one looked at each other,Said to Wenwen again:“All right,Return this diary to you now,We won’t disturb you,The little guy is so cute。”The man turned his head and glanced at the sleeping child and said。
Wenwen said to him without expression:“Thank you。”
Send them to the door,Wenwen turned around,I took that thick pregnancy diary,Turn to the last page,Looking at the words written by Wang Yuan,She remembered,I can’t remember when he wrote it,I can’t remember when he told himself about it。but,Why does Wang Yuan tell himself the name of the child in such a form?After saying the child’s name, my father Wang Jiadong will start,Why did he name the child privately and not tell her,In addition,Text written on paper,Not recording,Why“Repeat again”?
Wenwen is puzzled。。
At this moment,Father-in-law Wang Jiadong and mother-in-law came in,Wang Jiadong’s driver and secretary followed,After the driver and secretary came in,I started to carry down the big bags and small bags of Wenwen’s things during hospitalization。
Wang Jiadong seems to be worried when he sees Wenwen,Just asked:“Wenwen,what happened?”
Wenwen says:“father,They returned this book to me?”
Wang Jiadong glanced at the suspicion diary in Wenwen’s hand,He knew what the customs police had found yesterday,And he has a copied list。Because this is the procedure of Soujia。He asked Wenwen again:“They are looking for you again?”
“Yes,Just left。”