竹 下 下 要 要:“That is not a gift,But it’s raising——”

Jingshang starly on her back box,Push her arm,Skewers look at her,Fill in her figure,“Can I not be angry??”
This is less than the extent to which the branch avoids,But it is really more than normal conversation.。
枝 眼 眼 轻 轻:“……sure。”
Hey, the star is clearly slow:
“What can I,My table『dew』Out of an angry model,You can’t face me as before.。”
It turns out that he feels that。
Or,He is clear than anyone。
Compare,The close of the stars is closer to the surroundings.,It is a very restrained and refined.,Will not be uncomfortable,But it is absolutely neglected。
http://www.360jzfw.cn avoids his line of sight。
裴 逢 星 便 便 道:“You hide again。”
It seems to be expected to be,Her reaction is to avoid。
This 寥 字 让 让 窘 窘 窘 窘,Approximate adults in the past, suddenly pointed out that not in line with adults,Naive immature。
fell shame。
Branch,Instructed the inside:“Compare me,You are more difficult to face it.。After all, I really will shoot you.,When you look at me,Don’t you feel contradiction?。”
裴 逢 星 hears this answer,No anger that has been collimated,His eyes are reflected in the light,Calm, grade authentic:“But I am angry.,It’s okay.。”
Branch:“……Do you have a little sloppy?。”
裴 裴 星 星 眼,Netherly open the box,Lying in a red rope,Dotted a red bead,In addition to this, no more decoration。
“Since today is completely opened,The http://www.wrgfncp.cn sister is with me and well.。”
裴 逢 星 将 手 手 她 她 上,Action slow,Calm,Although the moment when it is about to close the bracelet,Secondary,“That is good and good.,Sister。”
It is clear that she did something bad.,Why do he have to take the initiative?。
枝 看 星 星 专 专 专,I can’t help but curled my fingers.:
Bracelet is wearing her wrist,The smile of the stars is so true,Skim a little more relaxed。
at the same time。
枝 脑 脑 系统 系统 系统 音 音 音 音,But not to release the task of the past,But a short broadcast:
【Drama deviation,Force,The system has collapsed,Hosts are good。】
What’s play??
You said that crash collapsed.,Then I have been working so long.□□Work?!
NS107chapter Chapter 107
Don’t load!
Spicy chicken system you talk!I am¥Consume the tail juice!
How to call Renzhi, The system has no longer appeared,As for her full brain http://www.cchxsgc.cn cycle“Black heart boss yellow crane runs with a small scorpion”,Wan as an escaping, Xin Xi has done the project to find the opposite direct roll of money。
竹 表 表 不 不 明 明 明 明, Yan Fengxing wants to see it difficult。