but,Shen Xuan because of the past,Prestige in Sun Jiazhi,Also very high。

After all, Shen Xuan and Sun Ting are between,Also this layer is。
so,Others for Shen Xuan,Naturally, it is very convincing。
And when these people are still fighting,Sun Chenghai lying in bed,Use all the strength to shout。
“Everyone,Shut up。”
Everyone is arguing,Since stopped,Look at the eyes。
they know,Sun Chenghai has something to say。
as predicted,Sun Chenghai looked here,The eyes fall in Shenxuan’s body,Suddenly open。
“Shen Xuan,My injury,Please please。”
As Sun Chenghai said,now,Some stress around。
“Housekeeper,But http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn your body”
And Dao and haven’t finished,Sun Chenghai is to see。
“fine,Nothing,My own body,I have myself myself.。”
“Moreover,Try after all, still have a chance,If you don’t try,Then there is no chance to,Not?”
Although Sun Chenghai is quite heavy,The voice is not so big.。
But his attitude,He does not give up the spirit,Still very worth admire。
So light is this,In fact, it is not convinced.。
And the weight,This,Shen Xuan nodded。
“Since the old man believes in this,Then I will guarantee,Master you will be fine.。”
When Shen Xuan’s words say,It is even more important to let the sun and the sun.。
In fact, here,Sun Chenghai’s heart has probably believed。
Because Sun Chenghai knows,A person’s eyes are not lying。
Shen Xuan’s eyes,Like telling Sun Chenghai,As long as you believe me,I must http://www.cilve.cn make sure you are safe and sound.。
So this moment,Sun Chenghai choose to believe Shen Xuan。
Although other people don’t understand,Some shock in my heart,But when I saw it here,They still feel that I will see it first.。
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All before all,Sun family out,No one thinks,Sun family can solve this matter。
But that time,It is Shen Xuan shot,Not only showing the dragon nine turn,Moreover, people trying to occupy Sun’s family.。
This capability,Can you do it if you can do it?。
now,Shen Xuanji straight forward:“Grandfather,You have to endure,maybe,hurts a little。”
Chapter 141 Miracle,Actually healed
At this moment,Sun Chenghai shook his head against Shen Xuan。
“fine,Not tight,You come from。”
Anyway, now,Sun Chenghai has http://www.shinanmusic.cn become this.。
Negable,Will be more bad than now。
Since it is the case,That is not as good as,Directly spelling。
Maybe this way,Maybe more better。
so,Sun Chenghai’s heart,In fact, it is also very clear.。
And Shen Xuan,Then take the silver needle,Start acupuncture。
In fact, this is also an opportunity for Shen Xuan.。