Bombard!Almost at the same time,A unable to describe momentum,Proliferate in summer,Cabin over the whole hall。

Everyone,All are not self-prohibited, the spirit is hitting a chill。
Temperature is a moment to freezer。
Not an illusion!Be really cold。
Increasingly cold。
Feng Tianpeng did not hesitate to point to the right direction of the center of the hall,Old old sitting there。
Bamboo!Summer slamming,A pair of scorpions like beasts,Dead staring at the old。
This gaze,Just as an angry,Desperate to the beast,Scary to the ultimate cruel……Not,Not a beast。
Be a ghost!That is only the ghosts.,Resentment,Bloodthirsty,Want to choose people!High school has already changed color,Dient of the look is extreme。
Sanctuary!This little scorpion actually reached the holy realm.?
Summer explosive horror horror,Let him shocked。
These years,He has been sitting in the town guardian alliance headquarters,Rarely out。
But does not mean that the message will occlude。
I have long known that the summer is the strength.。
In other people’s eyes,Perhaps the super master。
But for the mountain,It is itself to holy strength,Not in the eyes。
But when is this kid become a holy?。
Such thought is flashing in the mind。
Facing the murder of summer,He naturally refuses to weaken the momentum,Acknowledge,“This is the present,Tell you how people don’t have a little girl who is not a woman.,How do you stay?!”
Summer stood up。
Big step forward!Xia Xue is not his own sister。
Can Xia Xue is the deepest in his heart.,Do not allow the biggest taboos that trample and touch!In this world,Their brother is very difficult.。
One flowing abroad eight years,One alone, one person fights in Beijing,At a time, it is in the edge of life and death.,Another is to face various forces and large people’s calculations。
In the eyes of outsiders,Xia Xue is very pleased,Known as a witch,No one dares。
But how do those people know?,If she is not strong,In the capital of this water in Beijing,I am afraid that I have already smashed the bones.。
It is easy to stable now,It’s actually a slap in the face.?
Unable to describe in dramatic。
Everything heard in Qin before。
Previously in the scene of being injured in Chujiang Yu。
Today’s five fingerprints on summer snow face……He has decided to temporarily。
Why these hybrids have to force him again!Since this。