It’s almost the blow to fight.,Next, I will give some hope.。

For Kurosaki, a person,I have to fight him.,After that, he will work hard.。
This is a green hat businessman taught by a special training.。
“Distance of Lucia,One week of time,If you still want to save him,Just learn from me.。
Although you are solving,I want to challenge 13 captains in a breath.,Some unrealistic。
But there will be some captains at that time,Station team in us,Plus the four squadrosis,Hope should be large。”
Night has been with Jingle Spring Water and Poandon 14,They also feel“Central Forty-six room”Some strangeness to Lucia’s judgment。
Make a reason,Even if it is lost“Death force”,The decision should not be so serious,What’s more, Lucia is still a corpse“Four major aristocrats”Man。
Such a judgment,Really illegally,Coupled with Lucia is the people on the float of the squadron,So a few people,First save Lucia to say。
Until“Central Forty-six room”,The flower captain of Hui Zhi has begun to investigate。
But as the highest body of the corpse“Rights organ”,Everything is very troublesome。
Even afraid of the flower of this old qualification captain,Want to enter“Central Forty-six room”,Serum a series of procedures。
Hearing the night, can help yourself,Kurosaki is a sudden brightening。
The strength of Bai Yi solution is also,If you can solve it yourself,So you have hope to defeat white,Even defeat the night
“Your physical fitness is very special,The spiritual pressure is also stronger than ordinary people,Said to be the history of the soul,The most well-talented death is not。
Others take hundreds of years to complete,For you,Even one week,There is also a big hope。”
I have been hit by ruthlessly.,Now, a poisonous chicken soup is not as defense,Also instantly let Measaki enacted confidence。
At this time, the Kurosaki has a pair.,As long as he solved,Even the thirteen captains,It seems that there is also the momentum。
In fact, the night is not a poisonous chicken soup.,Takasaki,The wall is the first of the corpse。
Be a month,Three days will be explained,One week ansolution,Other years of death near the millennium,Almost always live on the dog。
Even in an instant,There is“genius”Namedn Facial Valley Winter Lang,It also spent decades to master understanding,Compare with a protective,Simply garbage a batch。
A nautical talent,It is necessary to pay attention to him.,grim Reaper、Destroy、Sanitary power set,There is no quality in blue dye.,How can I not be strong??
Waiting for the night, they find the night,A special training that has begun to understand。
I heard the special training to be solved.,I am also interested in the night.。
Because he will not solve it.,This time I may have a protagonist?
But with the original actions,Because this time is limited,Night intention to intend to use the quick method,Let a guard begin to complete the solution。
Well-known,Death wants to complete,Effects must get a bad knife,I know from my mouth,Break knife name。
I want to solve,It must be under this premise,Make your strength,Let the chopper,Wenswind for you。
in short,I want to consider you need to admire the knife with your mouth.,I want to solve,That is to persuade the chopper with fists。
With a protective strength,Is not enough to make the month satisfaction,It’s completely sustainable to protect this cute new death.。
So the night intends to use the way to stay in Pudao,Use the quick way to let Meysaki,Completion of practice。
This speed,Quite adventure,But feasibility is very high。
Well-known,In the body of a protective body“Virtual”the power of,So the night is called“Quick”,Use“Virtual”the power of,Help a guard,Come to help the practice of solving。
Such a method,Although there is a quick effect,But the danger is also quite high.。
Previous Okasaki in Pudao Shop,When you find the force of the death of the dead,In vivo“Virtual”the power of,Need to have a ghost and Pudao to help two people to suppress。
And now to borrow“Virtual”Strength solution,Eruption“Virtual”The power will only be stronger。
Previous night, I plan to find my old friend to help.,But now I am looking for it.,At night, I feel that night is the best.。