“I don’t know if Master’s old man is still there。”Mao Taoist,Is also a congenital consummation,Life expectancy was almost reaching the end。

Before entering the Samsara Hall,Parents were killed,Reincarnation into a strange land,Master Mao Taoist treats him like his nephew,He is the closest person to him now。For this master,He is not disrespectful。
He‘Leave without saying goodbye’,I’m afraid it will make him sad。
Till now,If Mao Taoist fails to become the Purple Mansion,I’m afraid http://www.byx365.cn it’s already dead。
If you have achieved Zifu,Can live more than a hundred years。
“If the task is completed,I can go find a master,I followed the discipline that Master learned,It’s an influential refining http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn method,At the highest level, I will cultivate to the realm of Zifu。”
“I have an earth-level refining method that I can teach,If Master changes his training,Maybe it can be everything。”With his vision for five reincarnation missions,I can see that my master’s realm was not weak at all。
As long as there is a slightly better method,Have sufficient resources,It’s not difficult to become a real person。
“But right now,To deal with this task。。。And my two teammates。”
Ye San doesn’t know,A pair of eyes are watching him with interest。
“Born in a small world by the evil sect‘Cut off vulgarity’Ye San。”
“The male eyes on earth‘Yi Honglang’。”
“And a walker from Zhongshan‘Way of the Witch Gu Insect Beast’’S little girl‘Lan Lanlan’。”
A firm heart,A Taoist heart,A talented person!
“See what kind of sparks will be?!”
“Obviously a mundane town,There http://www.91tianjie.cn are not even many innate masters,The old guy who was moved to the tomb should also be a common life,At best, an acquired warrior。”
“But the zombie born,This main mission requires us to deal with three real people in Vientiane,I feel the water here is very deep!”Claim‘Mountain Worm’Cute teenage girl wrinkled nose,“Fallen leaves、Five eyes,What do you think。”