Wait to recover,It’s already been replaced by the host, smiling and pulling the topic to the other side,As if nothing happened just now。

Mom looks at the daughter who stares at the TV blankly,Whispered:“you……”
“What did you say,Say?”Dad interrupted:“daughter,Don’t be fooled by this kid!Don’t have any psychological burden!He was sorry for us,Now just deserve it!”
“But your daughter also wants to pursue happiness!”Mother is not satisfied,Turn around:“Younger,You tell mom,What do you think?
If you don’t forgive him,Now he admits his mistakes and repents in front of the national audience,Should you untie your knot??Should we move to another place to live,You go out shopping and shopping beautifully again,Live a normal life!”
All these years,Although my daughter is at work,,But it seems very withdrawn,There is no youthful breath at all。
Even the atmosphere at home is very gloomy。
Mom and Dad know,I don’t know how many days and nights,Daughter is washing her face in tears,But they all hate that they can’t help their daughter。
This huge trauma,Even if the pain is no longer like a knife cut,But still stay in her daughter’s heart,Never healed。
Now is a good opportunity。
Xin Changkong admits his mistake and repents,So whether you forgive or not forgive,This knot should fade away!
Daughter is still so young,only33Only years old,There was no delay in getting married and having children,You can have the happiness of the next few decades!
Wang Qing knows what his parents mean。
Don’t look at her without any expression on her face now,But my heart is still a little messy。
Seeing that he has become famous again、Xin Changkong, who is regarded as a top domestic director,Can be so shameless15Hundreds of millions of viewers kneel and confess,She managed to resist the excitement and sourness。
Not forgive me,Not forgive。
I just remembered the sweets and bitters of the year。
Speaking of that year,That was a long time ago!