“Do not worry,Xiner,Wait till I am up,I will never forget you。”Shen Mange said half jokingly and half seriously。

“Song,I always believe,You are so serious,I will have a very good life in the future,Will make those who look down on you regret it。”Deng Xiner said,Tears fell。
Shen Mange took Deng Xin’er in his arms,“Okay, Xiner,Don’t cry,We can all have a good time,Make those who look down on us regret it。”Shen Mange comforted Deng Xiner。
“Song,Let’s go,Let’s go eat,Don’t bring them。”Deng Xiner directly sent a message in the group that they were leaving first,I won’t wait for them。
“come on,First of all,Congratulations we got a song,Happy twentieth birthday,Second one,Congratulations Lolo,Successfully become our school girl。”Deng Xiner said happily。
This time,Shen Luoluo did not agree to the requirements of the school leaders,Study abroad,But insisted on staying at Jiangda,As for Shen Mange,During this time, the company and school have been busy,Today is her birthday,She forgot。
“Congratulations Lolo,Successfully admitted to Jiangda。”Shen Mange raised his glass and said。
“Thanks sisters。”Shen Luoluo said with a smile,It doesn’t matter where she goes to school,It’s just that she doesn’t want to leave her sister and grandma。
“Thank you for staying with me this time,help me,With you friends,I am happy,very happy。”Shen Mange said moved。
This time,Have always been with them,Especially Deng Xiner,When she was busy at work,Deng Xiner will take the initiative to arrange all her affairs,Wait till she returns to school,Deng Xiner directly took him to the classroom。
“Damn,We are all friends,As for speaking so kindly??But you can’t forget what you said,In the future, if you fly,Don’t forget us。”Deng Xiner said with a smile。
“Absolutely,Without you,I’m afraid I won’t be so easy。”
Although Shen Mange said he was quite relaxed,But everyone else knows,Shen Mange this year,Not easy at all,She is busier than anyone else,I’m not busy with work all day,Just busy studying。
On the contrary, they seem to be very leisurely,I spend all day watching dramas in my dorm。
“Sorry,I’m out to answer the phone。”Shen Luoluo’s phone rang suddenly。
Two minutes passed,Shen Luoluo walked in happily。
“sister,Su Group called me,Told me to go to the interview next Monday。”Shen Luoluo said tangledly。
“Su’s group call you?Are you still not happy?That’s the Su Group!”Fan Xiaoxiao looked at Shen Luoluo enviously。
“but,I originally said that I was in a film and television company under the Shen Group,and,I did not submit a resume to the Su Group。”Shen Luoluo is also confused。
“Lolo,Since it’s a better place,Why stay in the Shen Group??I think the Su Group is more suitable for you,Where you go,Should develop better。”Shen Mange didn’t mean to blame Shen Luoluo。