Amazing massage to make you confident tight chest

Amazing massage to make you confident “tight” chest

Massage method Pour a small amount of the adjusted massage oil on the hand (or drip directly on the chest), and then apply it evenly on the chest.
During the massage, if you feel that the massage is not very moist, add a small amount of massage oil at any time when you feel astringent.
The massage can be performed in four steps: 1. Take the side of the thumb and the other four fingers together as one side, open the tiger’s mouth, and push from the outside of the chest on both sides to the center to prevent the chest from expanding outward, 30 times on each side.
  2. Keep your hands in the same shape, starting from your left chest.
Push the left breast from the outside to the center with the left hand, and push the left breast from below the left breast with the right hand at the same time. Push it all the way to the clavicle.
That is, the two hands are staggered to push the left breast.
After repeating 30 times.
Change right breast.
This action is important.
  3, the hand is made into a cover shape, the fingers are slightly separated, can cover the breasts.
To bend down slightly, cover your breasts with both hands and pull from the bottom (not the lower part) toward the nipple.
Repeat 20 times.
  4. Make a circular massage around your breasts with your hands until all the essential oils left on your chest are absorbed.
  Massage techniques: Breast maintenance exercise results: Each action is repeated 8-10 times, firming the chest muscles, strengthening the support force, and making your chest getting stronger and stronger.
  Effect: Stimulates breast tissue and allows breasts to grow.
  1. With both hands and fingers, circle the entire breast tissue for 3 seconds each time.
  2. Open your hands and press down from the cleavage to the breast.
  3. Make a figure 8 massage between the breasts.
  Results: Massage method that will not loosen the chest.
  1. Start a circle from the center of the breast and go up to the collarbone.
  2. Starting from breast aid, do a spiral massage in a small circle.
  3. Grasp the breasts on both sides with both palms and pull up slightly, but don’t pinch too hard.
  If you are developing, these methods will not disappoint you!
As for adolescent women, don’t be discouraged. These methods are still applicable. If you want to get rid of the plight of the airport, as long as you persist, you will definitely get results.