Lin Feng smiled and appreciated:“Trenden Church,But let you feel。”

“Ha ha,These two friends have a wide range of people,Let me admire,good,This tea, I usually have to drink a cup.。”The world kills and laughs:“Please,Everyone drinks a cup of benefits!。”
Lin Feng smiled and picked up the cup,Others have also picked up the cup,And after a drink。
Suddenly a feeling of comfortable feelings,Night cold and other women are even more light.。
“Ha ha。”
Just then kill the sky and smiled.,Body with a frenzy breath。
A road is coming,The figure of Niu Mensus and the cow mad big strong,Trapped Lin Feng and others with countless power。
Chapter 155 Counter-suppression
NS1505Chapter anti-suppression
“Killing,what do you mean?”Oriental, cold。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update
“Means nothing,Just want to talk to the Linfu to talk about something.。”It’s a smile:“Lin House,how are you feeling?”
“Good tea,good,Thank you for your truth.。”Lin Feng smiled and appreciated。
The world is killing:“Still in the mouth。”
“Killing,Do you want to tell us?,The aroma of the fairy tea and the flowers are mixed together,Form a kind of poisonous,Even if the half-step god is contaminated, we must lose its fighting power.?”Tiaoba people laugh。
“how do you know?”
The killing is slightly cold。
“This is common sense,everybody knows,Plant a conolitable flower around you,When we can’t see?”At this time, Xiao Ting smiled and pointed to the surrounding road.,There are many flowers in the surrounding ground.。
These flowers are beautiful,It’s like gods like a god flower.,Attractive heart。
Xiao Ting, of course, I don’t know how these congestions,This is the undead of the people, and let her say it.,To humiliate。
Sure enough, Xiao Ting said finish,Kill the sky when you kill this day,Terrible breath comes from him。
“Ha ha,good,Everything is good,But you found too late.,You have already drank it.,The gods and the gods have God,You can’t get rid of you.,I think how much do you have??”
The killing of the killing and laughing:“It’s your emotion.?”He came to the past.。
“good,it’s me!”Strongly laughing,His mouth overflows a hint of blood。
“Then you hit me.?hit me?”The kids laugh:“I have to see if you are.?Hide,Seek!”
Just when the killing sound is just falling.,A loud slap sound,The figure of the people in the past,A slap is smashed on the face of the world,This slap in the power of terror。
Directly swear directly。
The world is arrogant,anger,Humiliation,He feels like a monkey is playing.,This is absolutely no poisoning。
How many years?
He assassines the character of half-step,Terrorist,Sitting on the main position,Many strong people shake,Status respected,But now it is blocked.。
At this time, the cattle riva and the cow mad have a lot of strong people.,Each body carries a horrible breath。
All-centered,A huge mushroom cloud rising,Shrouded ten-party void,Suddenly sounded,Many strong people fly out,Directly。
Niu Chong Devils and cattle mad two have discolored,The figure of the two strong people trembled,Retriever,Horn of each mouth overflow,Two people are pale,Looking at the color of the body around the body。