of course not,Really replaced with yourself,Four-five-year-old nursery,Also steady on Li Qiushui。

The gap between the two can be more than a few years.,Especially possible, 80 to ninety years,I’m not in progress period。
However, now the twenty-six-year-old skill of the nursery,Is true for twenty-six years old,Employed meridians also matched。
Although the enemy but Li Qiushui,But it is not like it.,Complete resistance。
But temporary,The skill of the nursery rhyme is definitely a bad decline.,Even if the Chu Deirers will be blended《God》version of、as well as“Turtle”,Exchange with nursery rhymes,Cute infantry must truly achieve the extent to which Li Qiushui,At least ten years!
This is already very horrible,Be aware of ten years later……Nursery rhymes are not equivalent to 18 years old.。
As for the truly and dragon turtle integration“real·Eight wild six only, I am unique”,Not a Chu Deirers,But for others,Not only difficult difficulties,And if you really practice,Too arrogant,Even the degree of impact。
http://www.rengangkeji.cn Unless otherwise practiced“Taoine release bad”,Come into the heart,Otherwise, how to see is negative effects!
There is also a small side effect.——Nursery“Tianshan Liuyang”Also clear,Although the experience of cultivation is still,But this is currently the fire,Not enough to show“Life and death”……
If it is 36 holes、People in Seventy Island know,I am afraid that I am scared to death.!
After all, the so-called relief“Life and death”Antidote,I have to use a nursery“Tianshan Liuyang”Neltle,Can refine。
If the nursery rhymes can not be released“Life and death”if……
certainly,They don’t have to be scared,Because“Life and death”This weight change,The nursery rhyme has also taught the Chu Deirers.。
For Chu Deirers,This small change,Not a few times,And learn to understand the law。
Go back to eight years http://www.galoptech.cn old,The heart of the nursery rhyme is gradually changing,Although it is not true to become a child’s heart,But at least no longer attachment to the hatred of Li Qiushui。
Just a mouth is the energetic,Has been habits。
“After a few days, the teacher should take the initiative to find it.?When I arrived, she helped her.,After the two, even if you don’t care about the same thing.,Also dying is not。”Chu Dee people finally penetrated。
No cliff Master handed it to his weight,I finally saw the hopes of completion.。
However, the nursery rhymes said, but the face said.:“I don’t want to see that small.……That animal animal,Just, you are confident that it will follow the agreement.?I want to restore her level to fight her.,At least ten years,To restore to the extent to her,At least fifteen years!”
Try still as much as possible,After all, the child must have a small child.。
It’s not good to listen to it.,Can always be a mouthful of goods、The scorpion is good。
“this……Since the teacher is going to Shen,Can release hatred,I think the teacher should also……”
Chu Deirers said half,It is broken by a nursery rhyme.:“put……gas,You think that,Is it as good as the teacher??Not to mention……”Speaking of this child。
“Not to mention?”Chu Deiren asked。
Nursery rhymes are sorry,But continue to say:“What’s more, you think that Teacher’s Apple, I really agree, don’t look for her account.?But it’s a fake consent,After the recovery, I will slaughter her.,Your two down,Can stop her kill me、But I can’t stop me to slaughter her.!Especially if today’s door has been opened,I will break through one or two in the future.,She is hiding in the Xixia Palace.!”
Chu Deman:……
Get away,Just watch martial arts,I feel like the martial arts of hidden people,Very artistic。
But slightly contact it.“High person”Know,One more than one!
One by one,Martial arts、There is no wind!
It’s better than ordinary people.,And there is no master bag!……
“Hey-hey,But you can rest assured,The teacher is now really not thinking about thinking with her.。”Triadron said。
On the one hand, it is really after returning to the child.,The heart of the nursery rhyme is indeed changed,on the other hand……Now she can’t play Li Qiushui。