But it’s time to go.,Amazing scene。

“I choose Wang Wei!”
“I also choose Wang Wei.。”
“I choose Wang Wei。”
“I am also Wang Wei.。”
Di Ling hooks,“You are so optimistic about Wang Wei.?”
No one speaks。
Li Xiaoyu and Liu Yi in the crowd are very uncomfortable.。
“See it.,I said what I said.。”Liu Yi is biting his teeth,Low voice,“These guys also deliberately spread rumors,Wiped black king,It is said that he can’t reach Wu Wang Dali.。”
“Liu Yiyi。”
Di Lings,Smile,“What are you and Xiaoyue?。”
Liu Yiyi stood up,“Big deacon,Perhaps Wang Wei will not be the first to meet Wu Wang,But his potential must be the strongest,So I chose him。”
Di Ling rhinoceros,Gaze,“You too……”
More than a dozen women in summer,Also http://www.cqidcsys.cn pretty face noddles。
“Click one’s tongue,It seems that you are very eye-free.……”
Not finished,Look at the look。
She http://www.jhsfpx.cn immediately took out a lucky sprite,Explore the mind into it。
After a moment,Replay to the girl,Laugh,“Just now the general martial art will be closed,Some people have reached the Wu Wang Dalian。”
Everyone glances,Can’t help but ask,“Big deacon,Whoever reached the Wu Wang Dalian?”
The mysterious smile is revealed on the face of Di Lings.,“You can take a look at yourself.。”
NS3321chapter lively
Polar Warner。
Polar City。
Polar City is the largest city in the neatheld courtyard,Also a central city。
Situated on the Pasu Matsuka Plaza in the North District of Polar City,Hill Mountain Sea,Its lively is comparable to each year’s disciples to assess the scene.。
More than one popular city。
Nearly 10,000 cities across the nearest,Have a Polar Matcher Association。
And each city’s local http://www.lfxxsp.cn business chamber of commerce,A large number of people have emerged。