“Uh……Don’t always call the palace lord,Palace lord’s,Sounds awkward。”Teenager scratching his head,“I am worthy of my brother in private,You might as well call me Acheng。”

“Ah Cheng……brother?”My Feng’er is straightforward by nature,I’m not too obsessed with red tape,I feel that Ah Cheng is more cordial,Naturally accepted inside,She added‘brother’word,Emphasize that she is Wu Ju’s sister,Not to be big in front of Young Palace Master。
“Also good,Also good。”The teenager nodded repeatedly。
“but,If it is heard by those elders,I’m not big or small again,I don’t know how old and humble。”
“No problem,Like my torch,Let’s call it privately,No one else in this small courtyard,The elders will not come in at will。”
The teenager thinks that the explanation is http://www.dingchengsm.cn clear and transparent,But Wu Feng’er’s face turned red after hearing this,She was already flushed,Now the red cloud has been flying to the root of the ear。
Juvenile strange,But there is nothing else to say for a while,Can’t help but feel embarrassed。
“I just climbed around Pilji Peak twice,Feeling weak,I always feel unhappy these days。”
Wu Feng’er knows that the young man speaks unintentionally,Naturally there will be no other meaning,So I quickly found a new topic,It’s just that it’s true,She is determined to fix**Sun Lie Yang Method,But this masculine technique,Women are far inferior to men in practice,Just make up for physical fitness,The upfront effort is very huge。
“Don’t worry about this,Step by step is good。”In fact, young people really don’t have much experience in cultivating divine power.,He was accidentally tempered,Inherit the inheritance of the Earth Fire Spirit and the Holy Spirit,The cultivation base has made an incredible leap,His number of ways cannot be copied at all,It’s a natural choice。
But the memory of the Holy Spirit contains the experience of the Holy Fire Temple related exercises,Among them, flame quenching is a very critical step,Only after body quenching,The cultivation base of the Holy Fire God’s energy is considered as entering the hall,There are many ways to quench the body,Neither,But there is no other way to be thrown directly into the lava and roasted into coke like a teenager.。
Don’t say ordinary life,Even high-level divine beings cannot survive in that environment.,The first opportunity for a teenager to temper his body was because of the protection of the earth fire and the fire spirit,Otherwise, the braid will be up early,The second day quenching body,With the foundation of earth fire,Also protected by the Golden Crow,Can only be safe and sound,It can be said that such an opportunity,It is http://www.huajiaojidian.com.cn impossible for the free world and even the entire ancestral continent to have a second。