Note: Ten Mistakes in Child Care

Note: Ten Mistakes in Child Care

One of the myths: milk + eggs for breakfast. If there is no cereal for breakfast, such as steamed buns, noodles, rice porridge, etc., it will easily affect the child’s height development.

Generally, milk can be used as water for young children. Parents can drink a small amount of water to clean the child’s mouth after the child has finished drinking milk.

  Misunderstanding 2: Give children more calcium supplements. The infants and young children are not deficient in calcium, and even lack vitamin D that prevents calcium from being absorbed by the body.

Therefore, using a small amount of cod liver oil drops directly into the child’s mouth medium supplement, the calcium supplement effect will be better than taking calcium tablets.

  Misunderstanding # 3: Children should dress more than 30 ° C. Some children in kindergartens still wear woolen pants.

In fact, children often have more moments when they exercise than adults. Parents only need to let their children dress as much as themselves.

  Myth 4: Soy products are vegetables. Soy products are edible amaranth. If children eat tofu with minced meat, they will lack vegetables.

Tomato scrambled eggs are a good match for vegetables and vegetables.

  Misunderstanding 5: Children who have dry stools need to eat bananas. Eating bananas alone is not useful. The most important thing is to help children develop good bowel habits. The bowel time should be fixed.

  Myth No. 6: Children can’t bask in the sun. Some parents cover their children with gauze and hats when they bask in the sun. Some even bask in the sun through glass.

The right way is to sunburn your child’s back, wrists, ankles, buttocks to prevent getting sick.

  Misunderstanding 7: Internal organs equal to liver. Internal organs can greatly transform a child’s development. Many parents desperately give their children livers, thinking that this is all they need.

In fact, the internal organs also include the heart, lungs, and waist, and the liver often contains harmful components, so it is not advisable to eat more.

Therefore, parents should give their children more internal dirt.

  Myth No. 8: Eating snacks is harmful to your health. You should give your children more snacks and supplement their nutrients.

Especially for small children, it is best to give them snacks after dinner until they go to bed.

Children in elementary school can also use this method to enhance development.

  Myth # 9: Vegetable peeling and eating are nutritious. In fact, vegetable-skinned soups are very nutritious, such as radish soup cooked with skin and loofah soup.

Vegetable leaves are more nutritious than vegetable stems, and some boiled vegetable soups are very nutritious.

  Myth 10: Young children don’t like to eat meat. In fact, children don’t like to eat that kind of meat that is difficult to chew, such as chicken, beef, and mutton. Children like to eat that kind of meat that is easy to chew, such as bullfrogs, shrimps, and scallions.