“Blindle!Master is said to you?!You will come!”The grandchildren of the golden, Liu, is really like a dog.,Help the dust on your body with a clean towel,

“Oh!My Master said that I am.?”Rui Rui, watched the waist board,
“Said that you have this matter,Rongchang Terminal, which is not dare to touch.,Let you operate in colored,At the very least, I can support the dozen brothers now.!”
“Not all the master’s teaching!”
“Cao Ye is really talking!No wonder so many people like!”
“go away!When you want you, this big master likes but use.,Grande is a beautiful girl likes!”
“Shariapa instrumental people Chinese dragon phoenix!Still don’t have a beautiful girl like it.!correct!Blindle!Say here to tell you an interesting message!”
“what news!?”
“Fuxi Road tonight181Some gambling bureau!Generally, there is a full face.!”
“What is this?Sharp is not very interested in these!”
“I know that the blind is not interested in these.,But on the beach is famous for communication, the big beauty, Xiaotongman, you should be interested.!Tonight is what she wants to be with Wu Enqi Wu Shanzi.,If Zhuang Xiaoman lost,Her people have to walk with Wu Shanzi,If you win,Wu Liu will give her a foreign building in the concession.!In addition, Zhang Xiao Lin Zhang Ye、Du Yuexi will also go!I heard that there is another big gambling.!The master will go anymore.!”
“Zhuang Xiaoman!?”Hearing this name, immediately thought of a fatal rose of a sexual feminine but also a spicy.!Is it a chairman in the secretary guardian?!?
Chapter 82 Super agent’s good seedlings
“Wu Enzhen!Who is?”Qi Rui did not heard this name asked,
“Blindle!You don’t even know him.!He is the most petty of Wu Xuanhuai.!”
“Wu Xuanhuai!?”Listed to a glimpse,This is a big celebrity.,The famous http://www.21drink.cn university has opened several,It turns out that his son is a bodiac.!It seems necessary to go to this gambling.!These days are planning to disaster the traitor Zhang Xiao Lin.!
“This Wu Shanzi is the most famous defeat of the beach.!The first Mercedes-Benz, the first Mercedes, is he bought.,The license plate number is more than four six six!When I saw the license plate, I knew that Wu Jia Liu was coming.!”
“interesting!Waiting for the night, I will see it.!”Rui Rui is clear and bad laugh,Then I took out five oceans from the pocket to Liu Xudi said.:“In the future, there is such a message to tell this less!Did you hear me!?”
“Xie Ruper!What do you have anything else?,Apostle liver, the intestine is broken.!”
“Nima!What is the ghost?!That is the liver and brain!”
“Yes!Yes!Yes!Coating the liver and brain!”Liu Aghou won http://www.qeqts.cn two heads.,Looking at the hall,He is a thumbs up:“Blindle!Righteousness!”Said, smiled in the five oceans with a small song:“I can find a place tonight, I’m happy.!”
Rui Rui to the lobby,Huang Rong and Lin Guisheng see him all the same greetings like the son.。
“Sharply!Sit quickly!”
“Little sharp!How do you want to see the master today?、Bride?”
“Bride!master!The apprentice wants to stir with Shanghai this mess and stir.,Don’t get the money in your hand,No matter who is going to be the world,Let’s have it myself.!”Rui Rui wanted to see the feelings that looked through,
Golden Robiance and I quickly advised:“Don’t hit the Japanese idea.!In case they occupy Shanghai as the occupation of the occupation of Beiping,Let’s have to mix.!Don’t be sinful as possible!”
“Master,I don’t make trouble with the Japanese.,I http://www.paulblack.cn want to get someone else’s trading.!”
“Who do you want to get??”
“master!Bride!You don’t know anything.!Someone is looking for you,You can’t help me.!Let them come to me!”
Golden Rong Dao:“it is good!I do not care!I really can’t resist what I am looking for.!But I will call you again.,Don’t provoke the Japanese!”
“I know!Guarantee not to provoke the Japanese!Rest assured!”