Zhou Miao did not think that Li Sufeng actually so wood.,She is so touched to find a chat.,The other party actually does not understand, but it is disappointing her。

“All right,You hurry over and sleep.,I want to go out to take some materials.。”
Li Hui naturally also knows Zhou Miao Miao.,But he likes beauty,Not equal to no brain。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Zhou Miao is also a straight foot,The heart is crazy to vomiting curse。
“You can go to the girlfriend like a ghost.。”
But,Make trouble,Zhou Miao seedlings lying down in bed is that people such as Li Hui Feng is really getting more and less.,Even less rare extent。
Think about those boys in the school,Which one looks at her eyes and I have seen blood with mosquitoes.,However, Li Hui has never exposed a milestone from the beginning to the end.。
Li Hui Feng did not know the idea of Zhou Miao.,He just wants to hide the other side and then take the Xianquan.。
Open the door,Li Hui Feng directly went to the big forest in the village.,Because he is ready to do an experiment here。
If the experiment is successful,So obvious he feels that the problem of the base is solved.,If it is not successful,May be necessary。
Come to the center of the woods,Li Hui Feng did not have an urgent Xianquan,But the knee sits under the tree,Then run the exercise,Strive to scatter your own hearts and score around。
Ten meters,Fifty meters,One hundred meters,When arrived at one hundred meters,Li Hui has a feeling of being very hard.,But he can clearly feel the state of these trees within 100 meters.。
Immediately run the exercise,Directly absorb a variety of big trees in a hundred meters,Although there is only one wire,However, it is still condensed out a drop of green liquids to be stored in Dantian.。
With the conglinement of green life,The surrounding trees are also over with a breeze,Those green leaves have become yellow。
See this scene,Li Hui rushed out a bottle of Xianquan,Then I went back home to find a huge wooden barrel to go to the river.,Add a drop of fairy springs in the wooden barrel,Use these fairy springs that have been severely diluted to waters these trees。
Not a few minutes,Those who fall into the yellow fallen leaves again out of the sprout,Then draw a leaf。
I have been busy to live more than three in the morning.,Li Hui Feng counted the proportion of Xianquan and ordinary river water。
http://www.fuekang.cn When I returned home,Zhou Mia mining has already slept early。
And he is running to the roof and sitting。
He feels that although he got the inheritance of Shennong,But I always feel less.。
Just as less, but he has never found the reason.。
The next day, the sky has just lit up,When the fish belongs to the east,Li Hui Feng has suddenly feels something in my mind to emerge.。
Sun junior,Fire red rays gradually appear,But in Li Hui’s eyes, I saw that the sunshine revealed a purple ray.。
boom“Shennong inherits the first article,Wanzi thousand flower to save people,Red Japanese,Just get the Red Day,You can get the first complete inheritance。”
The huge voice in my mind allows Li Hui’s entire body in the body.。
But with the disappearance of the sound,He suddenly understood some problems.。
It turned http://www.ljrfkz.cn out that the gods he got will not be true inheritance.,It’s just a key to the inheritance.。
It seems that the first article of Shennong inherits。
However, he is not a half-point impression on the Red Japanese Jade.,And don’t know where,Although it is just a prompt in the East,But what is the specific place, but I don’t know.。
Active,Li Hui has jumped directly from the roof.。
A moment of just landing,He saw Zhou Miao Miao 朦 朦 朦 朦 朦 内 屋。
The most important thing is that the other party is very cool,He didn’t know that the other side took off his clothes.。
Zhou Miao also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng in the morning.,The most important thing is that she has always had a habit of sleep.,I didn’t consider Li Hui Feng last night.,Affirmation will also put it into action。