The problem is coming.,What monks will claim?

Two types,A complete demon,And true reincarnation。
It is impossible to revitalize it.,This left and thousands do not believe,It’s not to say that Pudu Cihang is a female phase.,Instead, Pudu Cihang is too low.,Nothing in the world。
Rough people like,I also know a word that I said when I was born.——Day in the world,Only my alone!
Still a doll, you are so arrogant,When I was three years old, I will definitely leave my home.,Put two pauses from the east,Take it from the south,The demon of the demon,Either put down the butcher knife,Order can’t stand the butcher knife。
certainly,‘Day in the world,Only my alone’Not literally meaning,Considering the left thousands of homes,He is so understanding that it is not surprising.。
In his opinion,Pudu Cihang mixed a national staff,Take over the court sacrifice,Eat the Buddha every day,Sitting a sedan sedan to sing from the east,Sing from the south to the north……
Uh,It’s quite empty.,If you call the Bodhisattva,I have not allowed him to believe it.!
“Oops,This mason is really bold,If the Buddha is dare to pretend,What else is not dare??”Moving and quiet,Know the autumn and one leaves from the underground probe,See the golden sparkling,When the mouth of the mouth。
His hand is busy and crawling out of the pit,See the left and thousands of households,Fully face forward,嗖 嗖 出 出 将 将。
“What,You don’t want to live,You will not spell,So big,Even if it is iron,It is also enough to cut it for several years.。”
“I am not unknown and evil.,Biased enchanting,Misunderstood two towns,Every time I think of it,if not……”
“Don’t be embarrassed,The monster confused,Even I can defraud,Your physical fungus is confused by him.。”
Know the autumn and one leaves,A sisteous spit in the palm,Hand 搓:“Flash,The monster fake Buddha,I can’t see it.,I have to give her a little color.。”
“Uh,Mage,I think……” Left thousand petists,Think about it, don’t say it.。
“Wind and thunder,Running!”
I can’t stop it.,Know the autumn and one leaves,Bitten the tip spray,Single arm,Blood beads,Recruitment of ink,White rushing toward the giant Buddha。
Autumn leaves:(v?v)
Big brother,Know you not hurt,But drive a point reaction,I jump for a long time.,You don’t look at it.,I am not faceless.。
“Mage,Are you OK?”
“No,no,How can I have something?……”
Know the autumn leaves cover your chest,Unhappy:“If it is not a short period of time, the demon has been injured.,Just, the trick will definitely explode Pudu Cihang’s golden imagination。”
“I believe you。”
Knowing the autumn and left and left thousands of people see the giant Buddha,I have thought of spectacular,the other side,Zhengqi Mountain Direction,A group of people directly look at the stupid。
Buddha, sitting in the mountain,Unlimited,Let them not help but shake,I know that this Buddha has eight nine nine falsification.,Still can’t help but have an honor。
more than this,Whether it is true,See the Buddha,跪 in the hospital,Face to conversion to my Buddha’s devout face,Seeking Buddha to bless the blessing official to make a fortune。
“Demon road,Why don’t you kneel in front of the Buddha??”
Jufo said the sound of thunder,Rolling a mountain forest,One time changing,The sky is condensed,All Dynasties Liao Wenjie。
Montenegro mask leads to the duty,Liao Wenjie double-eyed red,Laughing on this pressure:“No way,Will n’t really have a monster?,Dress up, I believe it is true.,I thought I really came.?”