Underground,Summer is still in hard cultivation。

Continuous wag,Sword。
He is forced to maximize its maximum potential,Every time I realized the mystery of spiral mixing.。
《Magic》Is a funeral law,Only two。
The first weight is the convergence of the ring of energy……Summer has not reached,In a very close state。
He feels that it encounters bottlenecks。
Sleepy in this kan, there is a month.,Unable inch。
Good,Under so practice,Instead, accelerate the http://www.pintong0769.cn absorption of red lotus。
Not long ago,Leaves half of the red lotus,Completely refining。
Dark magical dragon,There have been an illusory energy ring again.。
He decided to suspend practice。
After all, Zhou Lao and others are coming.。
Not long ago he received the message,It is from Ziro。
Why,It is a summer reputation in this short.,Almost spread throughout the world。
Whether it is a five hundred cities,Still the wild hill。
Originally his reputation is not displayed,Just flow in the circle。
But wearing water,Plus the promotion of Dongfeng Community,And create a simplicity and compressed genre, etc.,Many factors,I suddenly detonated it.。
Zhou Lao learned the news,Do not hesitate to bring people to Shencheng。
on the one hand,Ten Ling Taiwan, tied to the summer,Try breakthrough during this period。
After all, there is a gathering in summer cloth.,There is also the guidance of this gods in Zarao.,They grow faster。
http://www.xiyueshan.cn certainly,There is also the most important point。
That is, this ten people were originally a successful。
Only one line can break through,Just fear the crisis of life and death,So I have been pressing。
Three of them have broken through the soul,Seven people succeeded。
Besides,There is also the 18th of the Ninth team of Tiger Mountain.,Also have different degrees of strength growth。
There is also a reason。
When the wild, the robber is not a long time.,And the resources in the Mountains they have are not rich。
Zhou Lao also wants to create a better practice environment for the daughter Zhou Wei.。
Summer leave the room,Go to the manor。
He is ready to fix the water cloud umbrella first。
The method of water is not difficult,Difficult ternary weight,Take the strength of him,Acknowledge。
I quickly http://www.haiyangjx.cn saw the human fiber and the black child.。
This time,They have always lived here,Awe-inspiring。
Like them this battle madman,Has been used to practice,I don’t dare to be interested in the lively outside.。
Seeing the summer,The look of the two at the same time,Slightly horror。
“This is only two months.,You have broken through the Ling Taiwan.?”