He feels,This is not a big deal.,Lying,No need at all!

Anyone sees the lion,Tiger,Wild wolf,Will be fearful,Who is not afraid,That’s strange.!
Can Lin Tianan fell,Must make everyone feel that he is omnipotent,Nothing is not afraid。
“When did I say?,It is clear that you are tired.,Say to go down the mountain!”
Lin Tian’an face is not red heart,A strong saying,Push all responsibility to Shen Xuan’s body。
“dad,Why are you?,You thought we didn’t watch live broadcast.?”
Lin Wei has helpless,Conscientiously:“Just now, we have seen it all the way.,See a few wolves,See you to scare you!”
Still live!
Lin Tianan, a head,A burst of helplessness,He almost http://www.dongyunhotels.cn forgot, there http://www.renchenghualang.cn is this!
There is a live broadcast,What you do,Other people all know,Where else can hide?
Lin Tianan’s face has become awkward.,I can’t say anything.。
“Hahaha,See Lin Shu’s face,It’s really laughing at me.。”
“Let him dress,It can’t always install it here.。”
“This is what he lives.,We can all see it.,What is he has a good concealment?!”
Shen Xuan was also laughed by the smile of Lin Tian’an.,Say:“Lin Shu,Fear of the beast is normal,You don’t have to feel shy,We can understand!”
“Yes,This is the temperament of people,What are you embarrassed?。”
Fang Xiu nodded,road:“It’s all aged.,Why still think about a deception?,Really thought that you are still a twenty-old boy.!”
“Lin Shu,Do not worry,We are not laughing at you.,We all feel very normal。”
Xue Qing and Wu Xiuxiu are standing aside,Face with a smile,Conscientiously。
Normal fart!
Lin Tianan reluctantly smiled and responded.,But the heart is particularly gas!
These people said that they did not ridicule themselves.,maybe,I have already started jokes myself.,It’s too too much.!
I am a Lin family,When did this be wronged??
“Hahaha,Killing me,Really exciting!”
“Master,Look at Lin Shu’s face,it’s so funny。”
“Still Xue girl and Xiu Xiu will speak,I said that I didn’t ridicule.,Face,Be a smile,Just kill people!”
The live broadcast is crazy.,One by one,There have been pitifully of Lin Tianan。
“Lin Shu,Just climbed the mountain tired,Let’s get some eating?”
Shen Xuan looks to Lin Tianan,Take the initiative,Although I think http://www.lude77.cn this future, the old man is not very friendly for himself.,But the etiquette,Still,Can’t slanting the other party。
“I’m not hungry!”