“If I won,I need you a promise,Give me another secret treasure。”

Since you can’t live,Can’t catch,You can’t kill the summer,Dongfang Ming’s heart is disconnected。
It is better to use the 谪 谪 关 关,Benefit。
He doesn’t think he will lose。
“What is refining??”Summer gaze each other,Desperate,“Is the moisture armor??”
Oriental Ming face,I didn’t expect the other party to say it on the spot.。
Do not wait for him,Summer nice head,“good,I promise you,but,If I lost,Refine armor,But a hundred billion yuan of coins have you come out。”
“Of course I came out。”
Oriental clear,“What did you make me Dongfang Ming?,Do you want you to come out??”
Summer smiling,“What do you make,Do you have any http://www.generalsocial.cn numbers in your heart?,I have always wanted to catch me.,Isn’t it just let me refine?。”
Eastern mighty mouth,Don’t want to say something。
In fact, it is now,He also knows,Those who have used,Indeed some don’t look at each other。
Why do he catch summer?,It’s nothing more than wanting to let him make a moisture。
The only purpose,It is also refining the armor,Return to Wudaojun。
If the means at the time is slightly soft and some,In fact, both parties can trading……
pity,Everything cannot be changed,It’s now not to die.。
“Without further ado,let’s start。”
He will put a pen in a storage ring,Another hand holding a long sword pointing to the summer。
Summer will also put the five-piece heavy sword in the respected space,Take the snake knife out,Half-footed snake knife rotates in the palm。
Both sides confront,The http://www.selmarkshop.cn atmosphere is rendering。
Everyone who watchs the game is also full of stains.,I can’t look down.。
Oriental is bright。
It’s not a person,But the flying sword is violently trembled.,Get off,Wan like a spirit,Explosion a shocking Changhong。
Too much thorns and 璀璨。
Working as a white light to the summer。
Camma,Dazzling,The half air is like a white lightning,Weaving into a net of death。
People who watch the game are all invisible.。
The life http://www.tiansilang.cn and death is full of mobilization,Power is too strong。
Exchange any one,I can’t even get it.。
“Summer is careful……”