He panic,But he can’t panic in front of his players。

When he panic, it’s all over。
Curry nodded fiercely。
The situation is more severe than he thought。
The key is,He still couldn’t find the touch in this game。
Actually after the last game,He has been practicing for two days day and night,The feel seems to be back,But it was still weak in the official game。
Pause back,Cole replaced Iguodala for Barnes。
Iguodala did not perform as well as before.,The Warriors can5Up to within minutes9Minute,That can only explain,They areentityNot small。
This attack,Curry finally scored points for the Warriors。After an elevator pick and roll in the front court,Receive a pass from Green,Hit three。
5ratio11,The Warriors recovered a little。
“Score,Curry started to score!Is this a counter-attack horn?”Kenny·Smith says。
9Looks like a lot of points,But before the library,Not much,Just three three-pointers。
As long as Curry gets back the feel,This is nothing。
Walker’s side,Xu Xuan suddenly accelerated on the outside,Klay did not have time to confront Xu Xuan this time, forcing Xu Xuan to slow down and break into the interior, and Xu Xuan who attracted the help of defense successfully completed a dodge in the air elegantly.。
His body seems to be still in the air,The Warriors’ help interfered with his passing line.,But Xu Xuan was not deterred。
He avoided Green in the air,Turn around like a tornado180Layup!
“This is definitely a performance of the top five balls,We often say,Four or two can be a thousand catties,Xu Xuan’s flexibility and coordination also have this sense of stagnation,It’s like dancing in the air!”