I http://www.yoogong.cn don’t know how this guy is in water.,Strigest walking,It’s a feet in the summer.,At the same time drink,“Arrogant?Try a try again.!”

Sound extra crisp。
But it is not a young man.,It’s summer, a slap in the summer.,The youth is immediately turned to retreat.。
Then a buttocks sat on the ground。
I didn’t look at it in the summer.,Direct view of scars youth,“Let go,Unhappy,Laozi doesn’t mind give you a deep memory。”
Scar youth suddenly anger,I have been drinking。
This guy is too arrogant.。
It’s not sad.。
“Summer is。”
Scar youth cold stare at the summer,A contempt,“We felt that you are a character.,Good, please, please participate in the wine.,Just want to meet,But you?,Not only don’t give face,Also hit people。”
Toned,His eyes flashed a cooler,“I have never dared to provoke again and three, and I despise our martial arts.,You are very arrogant,Be the first one。”
“I really can’t understand,People of these hidden families,Are you stupid to get the best??I am fighting.,What are you still http://www.szhsjj.cn abolished here?,I want to make me down.?Still want me to be afraid of fear?Sorry,I want you to be disappointed.,Hurry and play while playing,A good dog does not stop。”
Sigh a breath in summer,Oscillate,Some of the vomiting blood of the popular youth and others。
The order of scar youth is to make the summer
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Please come,If not,He can’t help but do it.。
His intention,I want to find an exclusive lesson.,I can finally start.。
“Very good。”
His face is cloudy,But soon revealed the cruel color,“I am playing with you.。”
Summer is straightforward,Nothing to say,Directly。
噼噼噼噼 彻 彻 响 起 起。
After a moment,Seven or eight of the seven or eight of the scar youth lying on the ground。
Their combat is very strong,But compared with summer,It’s just http://www.diaojs.cn that the cloud is not,How can be his opponent。
Last,He stepped directly from these people,Laugh,“Go back and tell you the master,I want to do my hand directly.,Why do you have a corner?,Otherwise,How can I send you this idiot?。”
Scar youth is shocked and angry,He is also a god master.,But I didn’t expect it to be directly crushed.,And the other party said,Let him hate。
Ninth Five Meeting Wine Hall。
Wu Tong East stood up,Mobile phone is sticked in the ear,Cold drink,“What?He also hit you.?Find dead!”
Originally slightly slight hall。
All stare at the face of the iron and green angry。
Previous time,Everyone knows,Wu Xiangdong sent people to ask summer,The result is not to face in summer.,I also called the people invited.。
I didn’t expect to send people again.,I was already hit again.。