His arms continue to shake,Hand printing,Switch。

The singular scene has appeared。
Summer does not use soul,Just as usual,But the next moment,A huge milky white handprint,From his palm,Included。
Various colors,I suddenly slammed a layer of ripple。
This time,The four middle-aged people couldn’t help but show their surprises and excitement.。
Middle-aged people are also difficult to cover。
Tens of thousands of years,I can finally go home today.。
Summer look solemn,Dancing in the arms,Continuous printing,Have a huge handset,Not in turn。
The speed is, the faster,More and more。
After a fragrance,Color in front,Finally changed。
Those strong colors become soft,And slowly fusion。
not only that。
Rotary outer surface,Variation also。
Transforming towards the portal。
Just like Runhai enters the upper layer from the bottom.,Similar to a light gate。
Middle-aged people and four hands are getting more and more excited,More and more happy。
When the active door is formed,Middle-aged road,“Walk。”
Hour time,He has already slammed into the light,Four middle ages follow。
“Little friend,There is a period,You can return to http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn the original road,If it is strong,Welcome to my hometown,My name……”Until they have not entered the light,The sound came。
Follow,啵,Glavo breaks。
Summer stopping action,Stick to the front。
No longer a starry sky,I can’t see the big star.,Star river all over the scene。
Front,Is it not high,Norware altar。
This is true!Summer look complex,The heart is flushed。
He did not go to altar,Norway to continue to stay,Turned out。
Runhai,He harvested huge。
Now he wants to consider,Is it going out how to say。
Knowing from middle-aged men’s mouth,Since there is a rune sea,I have never been out of people.。
After a moment,He returned to the main hall。
Above it still floats with dense Ma Ma。
Summer does not have a greed,Got a hall,Already very contentment。
He bowed his head and looked at the black rune on the left hand.。
That is the time of Runshi Sea,Drip blood on a black token,Then formed a rune。