This time it was like a collective explosion。How long has Zhao Chunling been the deputy director?,Something like this,I don’t know if her director can continue to work。

Just at this time,There was a knock on the door。Zhao Chunling opened the door,Feng Xiaowei rushed in disheveled。
“Sorry,I hurt everyone last night”Feng Xiaowei was talking,Button on one side。Look at her,She hasn’t fully woken up yet。
First1954chapter Follow the vine
“Oops, Deputy Chief Feng,What’s your hurry,Better sleep for a while!”Zhao Chunling said,He took Feng Xiaowei towards the door。
Feng Xiaowei threw away Zhao Chunling’s hand,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“what happened?Did something happen again??”When Feng Xiaowei speaks,Still drunk。
Xia Jianchong smiled and said:“Nothing,You go to sleep!Go down for lunch later”Xia Jian said,So he winked at Zhao Chunling。Zhao Chunling knows,Quickly took Feng Xiaowei away。
Xia Jian looked at Tong Jie and kept his head down,So jokingly said:“Don’t be embarrassed,I didn’t see anything last night”
“Say again”When Tong Jie heard Xia Jian teasing her like this,She is a little anxious。
At this time,Secretary Wang and Li Lin and the five men walked in。It’s a man after all,Wake up quickly when you are drunk,That’s like Feng Xiaowei,I still look drunk。
“Really mean,Seeing to leave,Unexpectedly, there was such an episode,Hurt everyone”Secretary Wang said,Take a look at Xia Jian and Tong Jie。Because when they came in,Xia Jian and Tong Jie sat on the edge of the bed,I really have to think about some things。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What did you say?What is this!nothing,In case something happens,I am alone”
“Damn!It’s useless。Reports in this tabloid,Just to get people’s attention,Increase the number of views they advertise,Who would read tabloids like them。So everyone don’t worry about this anymore,There is nothing to be afraid of”Tong Jie raised her head,Said with a smile。
At this moment,Zhao Chunling walked in from the door,She laughed and said:“You really can’t,Pour a large piece at once。The three of us were only drunk Feng Fuxiang,But she is very drunk,Still sleeping?”
“Hi!Getting older,Drink some wine and don’t know anything。How come back to the room,How did everyone sleep last night,I don’t know”Secretary Wang said,Haha laughed。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“Last night, thanks to the chief of Xia,If it wasn’t for her silver needle,Deputy Director Zhao and I don’t think about getting up so early”
“Oh!You three women sleep in a room?”Secretary Wang still seems a little unbelievable。After all, people who have drunk,What can be done。
Zhao Chunling laughed and said:“The three of us don’t sleep in the same room,Do you want to sleep with Xia Xiang??”Words of Zhao Chunling,So many men laughed。
Everyone sat in Xia Jian’s room and joked for a while,For tabloid reports,It doesn’t seem to matter anymore。