“Row!For our grandson,I won’t save for you“Chen Yueqin laughed,So I took a bag and prepared to go out。

Seeing Wang Youcai,Grabbed her and said:“mom!Don’t worry,This grocery shopping,I will rely on you and dad from now on。Today I will take you out to get acquainted,Must remember the way,Don’t get lost“
“Go! Go! Go!It’s okay for you to tell your mother this,Tell me it’s not feasible。A big flat city can still be lost,Don’t forget,I’ve been to this provincial city several times”Wang Degui was talking,Laughed。
Watching my parents so happy,Wang Youcai http://www.huizhizhou.cn suddenly felt,It is indeed a smart move for him to invite his parents to take care of Ni Xiaoli。
Three people went there for most of the day,Wang Youdao was already here when he came back,He is sitting in the living room chatting with Ni Xiaoli。As soon as he saw his parents,Stood up,Say hello to them one by one。
“Rich!Good mix!The layout of the house is very good,The decoration is also very stylish,Even the air conditioner is installed,You really don’t have many family members to enjoy the city”Wang Youdao said with a smile。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“no!Pingcheng people now,Much wealthier than before。A lot of people who came back from working out,Bought the house in the city,Their consumption is really not low”
“What you said makes sense,The economy of Pingdu City is indeed driven by these people。Several companies just opened this year,The bosses are all locals,They used to work in the South,Change now,Become the boss”Wang Youdao said with emotion。
A set of equipment in the kitchen,Chen Yueqin hasn’t used it before,Can’t play for a while。Ni Xiaoli went to teach,I didn’t expect this Chen Yueqin to be very smart,Learned soon。So Ni Xiaoli came over,Speak with Wang Youdao。A happy family scene,For their family,Really not much。
Chen Yueqin’s cooking speed is quite fast,In a while,Several dishes were brought to the table。
Wang Degui is naturally very happy,He asked Wang Youcai to go downstairs and buy a bottle of wine。Except Ni Xiaoli can’t drink,Everyone else picked up their glasses。
“My old Wang’s can have today,At least no one can compare in Xiping Village。My eldest son is the factory manager,The second son is the mayor,These three sons are also a boss,Or the first person in Xiping Village to buy a house in the city。So i am happy,You must drink two more glasses of this wine”Wang Youcai holding a wine glass,Hehe said with a smile。
Chen Yueqin glanced at it twice,Busy raising his glass and saying:”I walk with the old man“
“mom!You just drink less,I have to clean up the kitchen in a while?“Wang Youcai is afraid of Chen Yueqin getting drunk,Said this deliberately。
Wang Degui took a deep breath and said:“Don’t stop her,Your mother’s drink volume is not low,Busy with family affairs these years,She forgot about drinking too”
“Old man!Drinking in the future,Just brag。What is our Lao Wang’s first in Xiping Village?That means your news is blocked,Xia Zecheng’s son,Salary alone can reach millions in a year,Look at how http://www.ofiber.cn low-key your home is”Chen Yueqin said with a smile。She drank too much,But the truth。
Listen to Wang Degui,Can’t help but frown:“You nonsense!Do you think Xia Jian opened a banknote printing factory,Can earn millions of wages a year。Are you listening to the old ladies in the village?”