“OKConnect!O’Neill rises into the sky,Tarzan drove the ball into the basket with both hands!”

“Three pointer!Kobe attracts four teammates,Curry!Curry has it!”
“Steal!Kobe steals!Run wild,Hit the ball on the backboard,O’Neill dunks with both hands!”
“Crazy!Crazy!Kobe and O’Neal dominate the stadium。”
“Parrish can’t keep up with O’Neal who has a Kobe rhythm,And Kobe is not a player of the same level in front of the Bulls bench.,Scotty Pippen hurry up to play with the bench。”
“But this is still irreversible。”
“Michael rested in the second quarter3minute,The Lakers beat the Bulls in these three minutes14:2!”
“Los Angeles Lakers35:27Chicago Bulls!”
“Phil Jackson quickly put on the starter,The Lakers also replaced other players as starters。”
Phil Jackson’s face is rarely flustered.,He knew it would be a big advantage to let Kobe and O’Neal play his own bench。But he always felt that Harper was on the bench,Parish,Cole,Even he will exchange these awards for Pippen,Even if you fall behind, it won’t crash。
Let these players consumeOKPhysical fitness,Is it equal to the inferior horse being replaced by the superior?。Then at the end of the game, Michael Jordan stepped up to take over,End suspense。
This is Phil Jackson,It is also the usual routine of the bull。
But a wave of Kobe outbreak completely disrupted Phil Jackson’s arrangement。