“Pooh!Stop dreaming,I live here today,Where not to go。”

Yang Shiyun said without compromise。
“What did you say?I stop dreaming?Ha ha,Amazing,Good at!Dare to challenge me!Sample,I can’t clean you up today,I am not Dashao Qin!”
Qin Liang is the one who can’t stand other people’s aggressive methods,Not even a pretty little beauty!So he was joking,Now it’s going to be real!
“Don’t don’t!I’m wrong!I said something wrong!Can I give up?!You let me go,I beg you。”
Yang Shiyun sees the sudden change of the situation,She immediately realized that the danger was coming,So I immediately admitted,Whispered to Qin Liang……no way,Young Master Qin really can’t afford it!
“do not,Continue to pretend,Keep saying I am dreaming。”
Qin Liang deliberately provoked,Then he forced Yang Shiyun step by step。
“I’m wrong,I was really wrong!”
Yang Shiyun stepped back,Keep begging for mercy,One side has returned to the bathroom……
“go,I’ll walk you home。”
Qin Liang continued to bully Yang Shiyun,of course,He did it on purpose。
“Stop it……I’ll go home with you tomorrow night,Isn’t that okay??Let me go today。”
Yang Shiyun is about to cry,She couldn’t even dream,One day I will be forced by a man to go home and have sex with him……
“You said this,Do you count?”
Qin Liang will accept it if he wants to meet。
“count……I promise to speak。”
Yang Shiyun hurriedly nodded and said affirmatively,Did she refuse to have sex with Qin Liang……Go to bed,But the timing is wrong today,I have already said I will live at Shen’s house,I can’t suddenly tell Shen Ruoxi that I want to go home?