no doubt,Such a problem,In fact, it was much more thorough than they thought。

While looking at,In this situation,In front of Sun Youtai,Others are talking。
“Patriarch,This Mr. Wang is very strong。”
“Just,Apart from these,We can’t see the others at all。”
“It’s really too powerful,Before us,Who can think of this??”
At this moment,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
no doubt,Such a problem,In fact, in essence,In fact, it is absolutely necessary to deal with it better is the point。
slowly,Looking around。
Sun Youtai at this time was talking。
“This young man is really good,and,I have a hunch。”
“This young man,It will definitely shine!”
With Sun Youtai’s words finished,Those around,I even watched all over here。
obviously,at this point,It’s completely beyond the expectations of others。
But the more so,In fact, it looks like Sun Youtai,His idea,There won’t be many problems。
So next,What should we consider,Actually these things,It’s better than they thought,Much more important。