Liu Chen’s figure has passed a residue,At present, you will come to Liu Qingqing.,Raise arms,Zhang opened five fingers,Stroke her neck。
“I’m going to kill you!”
His face,Grizzle,A pair of blood-filled eyes are full of cruel,Between,Bring a whistling。
Liu Qingqing did not consciously avoid。
Even no fear,Not afraid。
She is just slightly headed,Looking at Liu Chen calm。
Depth,Flashing a taunt。
Self-department to yourself,Also on Liu Chen’s ridicule。
Liu Chen’s arm is still in the air,Strong arm cracking in a suit,A Daqing jumper is like a dragon。
And his wrist,Beachened by a hand。
Gasker three tricks。
Those white-collar young men and women stunned。
Liu Chen also stunned,But immediately amplifying the pupil,Full of face,Unconvident。
On the side of Liu Qingqing,Standing a young youth。
His temperament is the same as the dress and the white collar。
But all eyes are focused on him.。
“Lao Luo,you lose。”
Young people still buckle Liu Chen’s wrist,Note is to see Liu Qingqing,“I said,This old thing will definitely kill you.。”
Speech,A little leg,Quick。
Liu Chen is shocked,But it is not hiding,Waist belly comes from hot pain,The whole body is shakes and flying in the air,Heavy 上。
Gaskel’s exclamation has just sounded,Just not finishing,But see the youth。
at the same time,His bones have been rang,Just change,This face has become another person.。
It is summer!
“grown ups!”
See this face,Orlando does not help but,一 狂 狂。 Listen to him this way,Originally stunned Gaskel and Kobfel also reacted,Immediately change。
“he is……”
“Is that person……”