“Don’t say I won’t give you a chance,Pick up the dagger!”Chen Xiu moved his neck and said coldly。

Zhang Shuping suddenly understood that Chen Xiu was going to compete with himself,Squat down slowly,Picking up the dagger in hand is looking up to the sky and laughing:“Chen Xiu,Your biggest mistake is conceit!”
“My best is not marksmanship,But a dagger!”
Zhang Shuping said proudly:“do not worry,Because you have a chance to kill me,I will pierce my heart with a knife later,Let you suffer less!”
“Less nonsense,Make a move。I want to http://www.fullwellteaxm.cn shoot first,You have no chance to shine!”
Zhang Shuping pierced Chen Xiu’s chest with a dagger in his right hand,Fast and sick this time,The sharp peak of the dagger also reveals green light,Obviously he is already busy applying the qi in his body to the dagger,Even the stone has enough power to penetrate the three points。
The dagger is no longer five centimeters away from Chen Xiu’s heart.,Zhang Shuping was in ecstasy,Such a short distance,No one can dodge yourself like this。
If Chen Xiu didn’t practice《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Before the simple exercise,Facing such a close knife,He can’t avoid it。
Zhang Shuping’s knife is very powerful,But at this time Chen Xiu,He has absolute confidence,Among the mortals, only Wei Kai can fight himself。
Zhang Shuping is not enough!
One clip on the left hand,Chen Xiu is already holding Zhang Shuping’s forearm under his armpit,Hold his elbow with his wrist and lift it up,“Click”The sound of,The elbow joint was directly removed by Chen Xiu,The dagger fell to the ground。
“You have let me down too much,I thought I could play longer,So vulnerable!”
Zhang Shuping forced the pain of his broken arm,Kicked the knee and hit Chen Tao’s belly。
Knee hit Chen Xiu’s belly,Make a loud noise,Zhang Shuping was ecstatic again,Grinned out,It’s just that immediately it was all surprised,I saw that there was no pain on Chen Xiu’s face in front of me。
“Disappointed,Disappointed me so much。I told http://www.leimingmianzhichang.cn you to hit me!”
Although the pain is strong,But Zhang Shuping knows how strong his knees are,Five millimeters of steel can be kicked off by itself,Kicking on Chen Xiu’s lower abdomen actually didn’t work at all,Know that the lower abdomen is the softest position of the human body。
“you……you are not human!”