“President and wife are good people。”

“Um!We are the president funded orphans.。
My work in Qingyi Society is the finance of investigating。
Good skill,It was also adjusted by the president.。”
Qing Dynasty did not hide,President’s Trust Assistant,The power transmission can also know that their existence。
“It’s also very good now.,You don’t have to travel often.。”
“Yes”Qing Conghua has not finished,Watching sharp looking at Blue Xin’s car。
“not good,Someone tracks ladies,The two black cars in front of the front side are。”
She is strict with unprecedented。
Journey only feels big,Still do something,Fortunately, he followed it.。
Two black cars in front,No matter how it changed, followed by Blue Xin’s car.。
“Mo Qi is nearby?”
The Journey is holding the steering wheel.。
Qing Dynasty:“exist,She has always been secretly protected by ladies.,But the ink dye is not coming.,Lady’s car skills,If I guess is not wrong,The next intersection turn left,They will define their ladies straight,Direct line is the way out of the city。”
The Journey is nodded.:“You first contact the ink seven,I will let people around them act.。”
Wei Jincheng just fell,A black car galloped like a wind,Brought a windy wind。
Qing Xiao laughed:“Mo Qi found the car of the lady.,He is http://www.qeqts.cn a very professional bodyguard。”
The Journey to see an eye navigation,There are also a few minutes from the next intersection.,This time is not traffic jam,Just give the other party a chance to start。
Qing Dynasty looked at the situation,Immediately:“Controversy,You stop the car on the left,Ink Seven will definitely cooperate with you to stop the car on the right.,Just let the lady turn left to turn left,They have no chance to start again.。”
“it is good!”
Weijin seized opportunity,Opportunities in front,He called in a direction,The car is steady and relatively drifting。
Qing Dynasty,The car skills of the Journey are very good。
The ink seventh there has seen the action of the right game.,Take him immediately,Find a time to overtake。
And the parties Lan Xin,Happy and Le Yu,Dangerous in the http://www.tal-intal.cn heart did not know。
Little auspicious night is not,Sleeping always sleeps。
“Blue,What should you do??
I didn’t sleep last night.,Aunt also didn’t sleep overnight,Today is also,I have to sleep all the time.,Otherwise I have been crying,Crying,Just like who is smashed.。”
“Gather,More people in the New Year,Everyone is happy,I like little auspicious,Hold hug and hug,Don’t hold him, cry。”
“is not it,Sleeping in the day, sleeping,Why don’t you sleep at night??
I have a dark circle.。”
Le Yu has no trick,That is very sleepy every day。
“Gather,Xiao Jun has such a period of time.,I teach you some way,I will come to your home.。”
“Good,Blue,I will hold a little auspicious.,He cried again,I am particularly sleepy now.。”