“I have been here last time,Ramen in the central square,Well done,Shall we go eat noodles?“Zhang Sangui asked Xia Jian with a smile。

Of course it’s good to eat noodles,This is Xia Jian’s favorite。He laughed and said:“OK!Let’s walk over,Take a look around“Xia Jian said,Jumped out of the car。
Zhang Sangui stopped the car and chased up from behind,Xia Jian’s pace is fast,He can’t keep up if he doesn’t leave well,So Zhang Sangui followed Xia Jian closely。
From the east gate to the central square,It takes a few minutes to drive,But these roads,It becomes insignificant under Xia Jian’s feet,He doesn’t feel much away,It’s already here,But Zhang Sangui, who is a little fat, walks a little panting。
When we are almost in front of the ramen restaurant,Xia Jian suddenly stopped and asked:“Haven’t you been driving for Mr. Xiao??Why are you here today??Wouldn’t it be very inconvenient for Mr. Xiao to have something?”
“Mr. Xiao asked me to come,He said http://www.teamfind.cn he would stay in Nanyuan these days,Say you are back,May have more opportunities to go out,Let me come and help”Zhang Sangui said,Led Xia Jian into the ramen restaurant。
I’m having dinner at this time,So there are a lot of people in the ramen restaurant。Rotating security and cleaning,There are also shopkeepers and staff in the mall,Of course there are also customers who come to the market to buy things。
Ticket office,A long line。Zhang Sangui glanced at Xia Jian,I thought about joining the team,I didn’t expect to be seen by the hotel staff,Pulled and stood at the end。
suddenly,The staff in the management offices sitting in the innermost recognized Xia Jian,One of them ran over,Said a few words to the restaurant staff。Who is busy in the back kitchen,For a while,A man who looks like a boss。He pulled Zhang Sangui aside and whispered http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn a few words,Then he took a look at Xia Jian。
Zhang Sangui didn’t line up anymore,But standing on the side。Soon,The window shouted at Zhang Sangui:“Come!This guest,Your two bowls of noodles are ready”
Xia Jian has seen the famous hall in it,If the restaurant owner really doesn’t give him this back door,He can eat this bowl of rice,But half an hour later。
The noodles are really good,What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,Inside this ramen,There is a lot of beef,It’s obvious,The boss greeted the employees inside,Specially for him。
Noodles are delicious,But Xia Jian was eating,I feel a little sad。Zhang Sangui saw Xia Jian’s mind,He whispered:“this is nothing,The boss told me just now,Said that when the management office opened,Helped a lot,This bowl of noodles is a little thank you”
What Zhang Sangui said,Xia Jian felt a lot more calm,Just http://www.ljrfkz.cn when they both finished eating,A potbellied security came in,He glanced at the long line,Suddenly shouted:“boss,Two bowls of noodles with meat,Be fast”
The noodle waiter smiled and said:“Captain Zhang!You have to line up,Every day like this,Everyone has opinions。Give some face, OK?”
“Who will give you face to your uncle,I have to wait in line to eat bowl of noodles,I won’t arrange it?”The guy who called to be Captain Zhang said arrogantly。Xia Jian frowned when he heard it。
In front of so many people,The waiter’s face is very ugly,But still very polite:“Sorry,Everyone is queuing,We can’t give you the green light every day”
“Fuck you uncle,I think you owe it”Captain Zhang suddenly jumped up,Grabbed the waiter’s neckline。At this time the noodle shop owner came out,Displeased。