And this mask factory still has a relatively important meaning to him。

No way,Can only tell her:“Hard for you this time,Another year or two,Wait until this mask factory is on the right track,You want to work in Pengcheng,Then transfer you over。You want to be a strong woman,Let you be the director of this mask factory。”
Promised to let her be the factory manager in one or two years,I have considerable trust in her。
I heard Fang Hao say that,Shen Chen suddenly no longer had those grudges。
In these words,She felt that Fang Hao valued herself。
But she still said:“I don’t want to be a factory manager,I just want to go to work in Pengcheng,It doesn’t matter if the salary is low,Be able to be in a city with your boss,I feel very happy。”
This makes sense,Makes Fang Hao very touched,I even gave birth to the urge to let this girl sleep all night。
——Such kindness,It seems that in addition to agreeing,There is no better way to repay。
The big husband is clear,Repay,Grievances,I can’t owe a woman。
Don’t let this girl sleep by herself for one night,He feels sorry for this girl。
But he didn’t show such meaning,Said:“If you still think like this after two years,Then I will let you go back to work in Pengcheng。do not worry,You are a meritorious minister,Won’t make your salary lower than here。”
Although Shen Chen thinks that two years are quite long,But Fang Hao can have such a promise,Still makes her feel very happy。
Asked again:“In these two years,Boss, do you come here often??”
It’s a girl after all,I still feel embarrassed after saying this,Quickly added: