Fortunately for this world, a little me is not even dusty,in11Day time,WTOOfficially announced that China became its first143Member states。Lunjin’s trend is also11Hit the bottom of the day272.2Mijin,Then start all the way up。

Wang Bo also called on this day and praised me,He has been in fear during this period,After all, after listening to my news, I felt that the analysis was quite correct and could not resist the temptation to buy.,Now not only is the message correct,And my buying point272.5The lowest point272.2Only a little bit。
He couldn’t help but sigh my talent,Lamenting that he has done finance for so many years for nothing,From then on, he felt that in time, I, a freshman, was definitely not in the pool.,Must have a good relationship with me。
Also indeed,From now on he will follow me,Made great contributions to my business empire。
At this time, Wang Bo, who trusted me so much, asked for advice humbly:“We have bought Lunjin now,Excuse me,When to sell?”
I smiled:“Brother-in-law,Rest assured,China’s accession to the WTO is a long-term good news,We must hold firmly,I expect to hold it for half a year!”
Wang Bo shocked:“Other people are basically short-term as Lunjin,Holding it for half a year requires a lot of handling fees,I have been in finance for so many years,I’ve never seen anyone do this to Lungin!”
I certainly know that in the unpredictable market outlook,Zoom in100Lunjin with double leverage must make a profit and run,But now you can sit firmly on the Diaoyutai with God’s perspective,So said:“It takes a while for Huaxia people to buy gold,The price of gold must rise,Trust me,Wait for half a year!As for the handling fee, it’s a small matter。”
Wang Bo replied:“Since I followed you to buy,I definitely believe you,Sell with you!Time to make money,I thank you again!”
A few words,We both hung up。
Investment starts the first step to success,Everything seems to follow the trend of the previous life,Some invisible pressure in my heart was suddenly released,The mood is sublimated instantly。
In the eyes of outsiders, I have become more confident and stable than before,Faded the boy’s immature,There is a touch of masculine charm。
the next morning,I am again6.30Came to the stadium on time,This time is adjusted according to Zhong Manxia’s time。
Because by observation,She basically does it every day6.20Come to the sports field,Exercise to7Click left and right,I was a little late to avoid embarrassment by meeting her on the road,When she leaves a little late, she can stay with her all the way,Feel very good。
On the sports field,I first looked around habitually,Not looking for the goddess,But to observe how many people come for her。
From her brilliance at the Singles’ Day party,Fame begins,The number of people on the sports field suddenly increased,The boys with excessive hormone secretion rushed over to show themselves in order to be favored by the goddess。
But can’t stand the goddess’ high cold,What’s more unbearable is every day6At one o’clock, I had to get up from the blanket。