[Does yam contain starch_Does yam contain starch high]

[Does yam contain starch_Does yam contain starch high]

Yam is a kind of food we are familiar with. Yam is mainly starch.

Moreover, the nutritional value of yam is relatively high, and yam can be used as a delicious substitute with many other foods.

Yam is a kind of food that people like and is welcomed by people, especially blueberry yam is a kind of very sweet dessert.

But does yam contain starch? _Is yam high in starch?

Yam starch content is very high, can reach 43.


The nutritional content of yam: its tubers contain crude protein 14 on average.

48%, crude fiber 3.

48%, starch 43.

7%, sugar 1.

14%, potassium 2.

62%, phosphorus 0.

2%, calcium 0.

2%, magnesium 0.

14%, ash 5.

51%, iron 53.

57ppm, zinc 29.

22ppm, copper 10.

58ppm, manganese 5.


Yam meat is white and contains essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, starch, calcium and phosphorus. According to pharmacological studies of mucopolysaccharides in yam, it can stimulate and regulate the body’s immune system, and has anti-tumor, anti-virus, and anti-aging effects.

The combination of mucopolysaccharides and inorganic salts can form bone and give the spindle a certain elasticity.

The biggest feature of yam is that it contains a large amount of mucin, which is a mixture of binary proteins. It has special health effects on the human body. It can prevent trace deposits on the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, and prevent premature occurrence of atherosclerosis.
Diosgenin in dioscorea can regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lower blood lipids, and inhibit tumors.

At the same time, it is also conducive to the protection of the stomach. The unique consistency of the mucus can form a layer of protection for the stomach wall and reduce the pressure on the gastric mucosa.

Yam is not only a good vegetable but also a commonly used medicinal material.

The artificially-grown yam has a white flesh color, sufficient powder and sweet taste, and is large and firm. It is mostly for food.

Yam is the root of Dioscoreaceae plant Dioscorea, which has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and nourishing the lung and kidney.

It can be used to treat spleen deficiency and chronic diarrhea, chronic enteritis, lung deficiency, asthma, chronic gastritis, diabetes, nocturnal emission, nocturnal enuresis, and infertility.