In the super luxury home in the top of Beverly Hill,A map of the world map hanging on the book wall。

I haven’t been idle.,Chen Linzhi started to move the thoughts of moth,He puts his attention on the world map,Occasionally, the mineral resources in the hands are connected to the drawings.,I finally be eyeing a small country called Guinea, Africa.。
In this least developed small country in West Africa,Extremely high quality iron ore,This place is considered to be one of the countries that have not yet developed reserves and quality of iron mines in the world.,Mining difficulty,Mining cost is also relatively low,The total amount of resources is expected to approach 50 billion tons。
If you cooperate with Australia, take one or two rich mines.,It means that there is no lack of sales in the future,Not lack of disclaimer,Nowadays today’s iron ore price is quite cheap,Especially after it is,Just have the opportunity to acquire a batch of mineral resources from 本 头。
The reason why this is the thoughts,It is because the joint capital group is going to investigate,Discovering the source of funds,There have been billions of dollars on the book, there is no local investment.,Can only be temporarily used to buy a US debt earning interest。
Chen Linzhi’s own hand is unprecedented,Some assets have been able to becomes。
Take Wal-Mart,Whole eighties,Its share price rose sixty times,Compound growth rate is high to amazing,And with the native market expansion,Started to go overseas expansion path,Delicious performance is not so good。
For the United Capital Group,Still worth long-term holding,But for Chen Linzhi,Place more than $ 100 billion in Wal-Mart,I’m a bit is not worth it.,After all, I can find a higher reward project.,For example, price is in a duty-free iron mine。
With the development speed of emerging economies,本 and European economic recession,Market demand is greater than,And the sides are not strong enough in iron ore demand.,These are the reasons for him,Help and earn money,Compared to the highly competitive oil market,People pay more attention to iron ore。
It is also a big investment involved in billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars.,Light against yourself and unrealistic,Chen Linzhi considers it, I can do it.,So I played a call to the family office.,Let them find a group of experts to study discussions,Feasibility and specific schemes occupying the dominance in the global iron mine market。
not far away。
Changze 绫 is wearing a sleeping skirt,Sitting on the floor with your son to play。
The little guy just learned to walk soon.,Walking from the road to 踉踉 跄跄,Thick eye,Baby fertilizer,I like laughing from time to time.,Quite look。
Time,Speaking calf is hugged by the child,Chen Linzhi smiled and got up,Hold him in his arms。
Turning to Changze 绫:“What have you been in recently?,It seems to be much more than before.,The head is very fast。”
“All the food suggested,Organic food planted in their own farm,Kids can eat,I can’t make him hungry.,But I found him with many Asian.,There are also lactose unattrandum,Milk drinks too much to diarrhea。”
Changze replied。
Have a child,This little guy is her heart meat.,Even the attitude toward Chen Linzhi decline straight,Retreat。
Now, it is thoroughly thoroughly thorns that the work of the variety show company is given.,Only one consultant identity,When you are bored, go to the company to turn,More time to stay in the farm she bought in the farm she bought,Drink tea,Take a look at TV,Illustration horse riding,Leisurely。
Last year, the rose in the field was not sold.,Also talked Chen Linzhi to help,Find people in Wal-Mart supermarket,How much does not earn?,Changed a kind of lifestyle,Very good。
“Take a little bit of diarrhea,The nutrition in other foods is enough.,It’s really impossible to change to goat milk.、Deer tet,Anyway, you have more land there.,What can be raised。”
Chen Linzhi said that I thought about it.,Ask the generals:“Next time you go back to the gongs,I am going with you.,How to go to Las Vegas?The giant aquarium in the casino hotel starts water,Recently, we will buy two whale sharks from marine conservation institutions.,I don’t know how to transport it.,May need to buy a small whale shark。”
“Responsible for marine animal protection,Actually sell whale sharks?”
“I donated money.,Not enough funds,Their institutions are difficult to maintain,Probably I feel that I have to pay.。In fact, these institutions are really useful.,There will be no so many places legal killing whales.、Dolphin’s animal。”
“Do you have a mock up in a dark??Don’t forget that you also have a tuna farm。”
“I don’t do what you mean.,Some people do too much,You are not the boss of the whale ship,I said what you do?。As for the tuna farm,Fish and mammals,Although they live in the water,Still a little bit a little bit,Different in wisdom。”
Chen Linzhi then proposed:“You have no clothes, you are now dry.,Waiting for the child a little longer,Can do something meaningful,Established an animal protection agency handed it to you?”
“I?forget it,Told those people,I am worried that I will die all day.,Donation, money is still almost。”
Changze said that it is a matter of course.。
Several women around me,Qian Wei’s temper,It is difficult to see it.。
She bought her daughter only to see quality and do not look at the brand.,Probably worried about Chen Linzhi,She is to start buying some famous clothes.,The most in the wardrobe is stillMOM,Mainly for the sake of fat, outside the field,Support home business。
Changze flower, the flowers, the big hand is big,In addition to her own and son、Three people plus Chen Linzhi,Even if it is her own family, it is difficult to stick,Maybe as a girl,In the big man’s family is not comfortable enough,To say that she has a lot of parents,Absolutely can’t talk。