This is two men and women wearing leather.。

Men not 40 years old,Heavy white,Nose,Non-angry between eyebrows。
And the woman has an extremely beautiful face,Pose,Just a pair of eyes full of sinister。 It is the captain of a battalion Xue Chunqiu,And Second Cyclerman Luo Qianxue。
“What are you doing??”
Utti is free to smash,Also align the gaze。
Xue Chunqiu smiles,“This kid is good,That’s too embarrassing,Fighting outside and people,Who is a pair of decisions with you,It’s all life and death,I think that they teach this child is good.。”
Just finished,Sanying captain Luo Qian Xueyu smiled。
“Xue Chunqiu,Are you eye, or self-deceived,Can you see it?,That kid is not useless。”
Xue Chunqiu’s eyes。
Luo Qianxue does not care about him,Charming smile,“Mourth,It’s better to give him a branch of me.?”
“I still want to praise your eyes.,I didn’t expect it to be a blind man.。”
Wuzi cold smile,“Let you give you two battalions?
Who can give him a special training??
This kind of fighting consciousness,Is you a special training,Or I can travel?”
Luo Thousand Snow’s smile also converges,“What do you mean!”
Uttrai sighed a breath,Complexity,“When this kid, this kid was brought in.,It is your second camp.,She took a sentence,Said that the three temples are very optimistic about this kid……”Toned,Shake your head,“I thought,The three main words mean,Let us practice him well,Now it seems,I am afraid that I misunderstood.……”This sentence。
Xue Chunqiu and Luo Qian Xue have changed color。
They can become the person in charge of the guard camp,Not only powerful,No matter the eye、mind、Still IQ,Nature is also superman first。
“what do you mean……The main hall is hitting us?”
Urou bitter laughs,“Even if it is not a few different,Recently these years,We are not too equivalent.,Many people are too big.,I am afraid that the three temples can’t see it.。”
Within the field。
A touch of collision is endless,It’s like a rainstorm.,A heartbeat acceleration,Can’t breathe。
One of them was sprint,Tiger jumps more than two meters,Diffusion,Broken arm elbow with right foot knees in the chest and abdomen,Form a triangular attack pattern,狠 掼。
Only listening to a sudden sound,Summer hands dance,Keep ahead。
Around the two people, a waist and abdomen of the summer,Another side of the side。
Summer flashes,Hit,With the back of a punch,A sloping release ring。
His roome’s jitter arms and waist,Behind the backbone is like Dalong General,Bone chasting 霹雳 噼 噼 噼 噼 噼 噼。