“Let the end of life and death?It seems that the head of this forest is worn again.,Let the life and death of the Emperor,This is equal to the declaration http://www.manfully.cn of war.。”

“so fast,The Emperor and the Emperor of Genghis Khan have begun to fight.,Real expectance!”
“Finally started!”
The people of the four continent,Strong shocking,Although a simple sentence,But leaked the tone of the host,Let the Buddha have the same night’s death。
China Taishan stands on the three gods,A coffee table is placed in front of the three people,The mellow tea is scattered in the void,Like the smoke,Three people sit in front of the tea table,It’s like a god.。
These three people are not someone else,It is Jehru,Brahma,North Yinyang three people。
“He is back。”Yeah suddenly opened his eyes。
“came back,Sure enough, let us down。”Bei Yanyang also opened his eyes:“The first emperor and the heritage of the Genghis Khan have begun to fight.,The two gods are all the ancient emperors.,But I didn’t http://www.sshack.cn touch it together.,High difficulties,This time this time is positioned to position two emperors.。”
“Life and death,Riped。”Brahma opens a double look at the void:“it is good,it is good,I will see that the life and death speed will be strong and weak.。”
“Directly let the life and death of the Emperor to Wanzheng Island,Tone。”Yeah chaos suddenly:“I have to see how much power has brought to him.。”
“Just look at it and you’ll find out。”Bei Yanyang is just like a goddom of gods.,Deep look at the distant void:“It is expected that this life and death will be able to go out.?”
“It’s enough for three days.,Life and death rotor is very deep,Otherwise, he will not be so good to be so good last time.!”Yeah mixed quiet。
“it is good,We are waiting for a few days.,Look at this life and death emperor。”Brahma smiles。
http://www.foutj.cn “Come,Brahman,Jade,Tea。”Bei Yanyang laughs,His hand is natural,It’s like a row of clouds.,Pick up a tea cup。
A rhyme,Nunish。
The strong tea fragrance is scattered in the void,Seems like,Floating in the empty,Raise from Taishan on one day,Run hundreds of millions,The sacredness of the three people。
Lin Feng has gone in the night and cold from the villa.,Night clear face with a wish,Skin moist,It’s like a peach。
“Drink,Nothing is good?”At this time, the laughter of Sakura, Sichuan Luo Sakura.。
“how?envy?”Night cold smiles and turned。
“I don’t envy.。”Sichuan Luo Yakai is looking at the night clear。
“correct,How long is it??”Lin Feng smiled and watched the small abdomen of Sichuan Luo Sakuo in front of Sichuan Island Luo Sakura.。
“uncertain,According to the doctor’s statement,Yao Jie should have a birth,But she is not moving now.,But the fetus inside is really normal.,And transfer powerful life fluctuations。”Sakura explained:“I am more than her a few days.,But I feel that I am afraid that I can’t live.。”
“What is this reason??”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“I do not know either。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo smashed the small mouth:“Brother-in-law,Are you not a doctor??”
“Flutter!”Night Qing Wen Wen Yushu:“His level,God doctor!”
“Hey-hey,Small sakura,Cold,Don’t meet my short。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Mythology,Which is not in his mother’s belly for three years and six months??”
“This is just a legend.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo is not a good way:“Be unhappy。”
“Anyway, I have a premonition.,These two little guys are not ordinary.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,His scorpion looked at the lower abdomen of Sichuan Island。
The fetus in the lower abdomen flows with powerful life atmosphere,Swallow,It seems to absorb the essence of Sichuan Luo Sakura,This is so much such,Tang Yao is also the same。
This is probably an important reason why Tao Yao and Chuanao Luo Sakura is aggravated.。
“probably。”At this time, the cold cold suddenly thinks about it.:“These days, Sakura and Ying Yao eat something is a good thing.,to be honest,These tonicments are all hundred years.,Even longer,If an ordinary person,Even if the martial art is strong, it is necessary to be added,Abroad。”