When Dai Mubai finished speaking,,But I found that I didn’t believe what I said in my heart……

A situation like Xu Sheng that can kill 100,000-year soul beasts in one strike,He has never heard of……
Zhu Zhuqing heard the words,Nodded gently,“Ok!Third brother,There are so many powerful people on Poseidon Island,There should be nothing wrong!”
Xiao Wu looked at the spirit masters that kept coming around,Suddenly reminded“wrong,everyone,We seem to be surrounded!”
Everyone in Shrek heard Xiao Wu’s voice,All awakened suddenly,They all looked around quickly,I saw all the sea spirit masters, including them, who wore single-color clothes,Are all surrounded by land spirit masters and residents!
Land spirit masters scolded one after another“What are your sea spirit masters doing on our land???Hurry back!”
A woman who exudes the breath of the soul sect echoes the way“Yes,Otherwise, don’t blame us for doing it!”
The man next to him released his hammer spirit,Roared“Sea Soul Master,Get back!Go back to your Seagod Island!”
People further behind even started to insult,“You trash from Seagod Island,Get out of our Hanhai City quickly!”
I saw the front,One in a purple robe,The man with the highest rank among the sea spirit masters now explained“We have no malice,It’s just that something happened to Poseidon Island,We are here to take shelter!”
The yellow-clothed soul master next to him also agreed“Yes yes,Don’t be angry, land spirit masters,We will return to Poseidon Island soon!”
A lot of white-clothed soul masters are noisy“Yeah yeah,Although we are sea spirit masters,But will definitely abide by the rules of your place!”
But soon,From the land soul master,Eight human figures that exuded the spirit of Soul Saint and Soul Emperor slowly walked out!
The headed soul saint said in a cold tone“Go back to your Seagod Island,Our rule here is……Do not accept any offal from Poseidon Island!”
Another strong soul emperor said in a gloomy tone“You will get out of Hanhai City within five minutes,otherwise,All die here!”
Another strong soul sage next to him licked his scarlet lips,Coldly scolded“A group of scum from Poseidon Island,I’m not here to die?”