First20chapter Six million years of drifting(under)
Li Ming’s Tiancang Palace and his party,Also very complete。
When Li Ming told the Daoist Yucan of Tiancang Palace and a world god who http://www.jurenpx.cn served as the envoy of the reason for his arrival,And the Beixiu world god was killed by the Wujiao three gods,The vows of life that were once made disappear completely。
Although the world god of Beixiu made Li Ming take his natal vows, it was relatively loose,It takes a full Chaos Era to reach the Heavenly Cang Palace。
But after all, it is also a confinement,The oath itself has some constraints on Li Ming’s true spirit。
Now the oppression is gone,Li Ming felt a sense of physical and mental relief。
Tiancang Palace,Can be regarded as generous。
Yucan Daojun even gifted Li Ming with a hundred chaotic essence—Li Ming doesn’t care,But for the ordinary world, this is a lot of wealth。
then,Li Ming left Tiancang Palace,Go to the Wilderness。
Great Mo domain and Celestial domain,Although the distance is quite far,But it also belongs to a corner in the http://www.isweethome.cn endless territory。
Great Wasteland,Then it’s much farther,The distance between them is http://www.lijibangbangji.cn more than a hundred times the distance between Damoyu and Tiancangyu,Even the road is more dangerous。
Which must pass,And the danger level is the level of the sea of darkness(Taoist Security,World danger)Over a hundred places!
And there are three dangerous places where there is a danger of death for one step.。
The most dangerous of these three dangerous places is‘Thousand Goats’。
‘Thousand Goats’But the craziest place,Rumors are a test site for a great man to refine puppets。
After the failure of the great power unity,Leave sadly,Can leave a thousand,Deliberately use special means to make it impossible to be recognized as a second-class puppet。